Here is a piece of LosOtros in Nikaia, Athens that indeed makes you think. While not entirely enigmatic in colour, this 20m high hand painted fingerprint definitely leaves some deep-seated lingering thoughts in one’s head about the notion of identity.

It is impossible to grasp the concept of identity through a one sided scope. It is an extremely multifaceted notion that has provoked human thought since the dawn of time. Who am I? What am I? Ultimately, what does it mean to ‘be’, to exist in this world where external forces are constantly conflicting clashes in the creation of our identity?

By peering internally into the piece’s creation, one can see a beautiful metaphor for the ways in which many of our own identities and the national identity of our cities and nations are constructed. The fingerprint was formed without the use of any stencil- just with the use of the artist skills via paint and paintbrush. Created ever so naturally, the fingerprint is still exposed to the forces of its external world and its variegated strokes, which would be present upon close magnification, a beautiful reminder of the different strands, which constitute our own personal identities and the collective identity of cities around the globe today.

Here, art stands as a form of cultural identity. Here, art defies the pure definition of what identity means, as it reflects its multifaceted nature in is entirety. Art as a point of representation is a strong cultural reflection upon identity as an inevitable creation, and further, as a test of means, reaction, decision and ability. Street art charismatically conveys these particular ideas about a city. Ultimately, just like the variegated strokes of the fingerprint above, which define the borders of its existence, street art here as a manifestation of identity showcases the multifaceted nature of the city in which it stands. As a form of cultural representation.

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LosOtros is a urban artist, writer, curator and the founder of

Athens Street Art Festival


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