Opening reception: October 17th, 2-6 PM @ Krause Gallery – 149 Orchard st south – NY 10002

Spray Cans are an interesting tool. No quantity is enough, just when I think I have every color a new
one exists. It creates so many options.
Spray cans are used legally and illegally to “create”. From the furious minute of shaking to the sound
of the clunking marble, gently pushing the cap releasing the built up pressure inside through a tiny hole
to produce a mist of color to create what?
On the surface a simple object, beneath sophisticated engineering with a great contribution to history
flaunting in danger and labeled with names like ‘Candy, UFO Green and Party Yellow. With so many
colors and artists and walls being painted all over the world, it’s surprising there is no longstanding
brand name logo similar to that of fashion or consumer products. A Nike line or even a Tiffany blue
sponsored by Tiffany with the logo on the can itself. Their use and purpose has continued to expand
although it’s still just paint in a can with various labels.
Campbell la Pun has changed that – now you can own your very own Campbell la Pun (product label
included) spray can.

Campbell La Pun – “Excess Fumes” – October 17th – November 30th

Krause Gallery 149 Orchard St. NYC

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