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You’re a graffiti artist from your head, to your heart, down all the way into your soul; I feel that this is a true fuckin graffiti story so speak!

Yep yep very true…I will never give up Graff or change for anyone. I feel it defines me as a person. We’ll hit upon the war stories in a moment, I just want to introduce myself as Killatone from an unspecified place.

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But people see graffiti as childish or just straight vandalism so talk.

That’s very true. When I first started writing it was very childish. Tagging your name up on whatever just to get known, it doesn’t sound like you are fuckin Einstein does it? After 5 years it truly starts to become more of an addiction, simply put, it starts to grow on you. Stop wait, look and listen, gra=grow…graffiti. There is some shit that people don’t understand about this world and I guess they never will. Give a kid a fuckin sharpie and you will see their name on a wall. Graffiti and vandalism is in our blood. Did you know the first art was done in animal blood in a cave? Fuck it! Just do it. Go out and destroy shit. The government will never own anything this world belongs to God. I just got addicted and feel that us vandals just wanna keep getting better at it and see how fuckin far we can take it. Let’s be like Scarface, the world is yours! It feels good to be wanted by some pussy ass graffiti task force and get away with our shit. If I had a movie it would be CATCH ME IF YOU CAN! THE SEQUEL IS FUCK YOU, I WILL DO IT AGAIN!

I have a lot of anger and stress in my life, so I feel best when I go out and paint. Life without painting would seem so meaningless, so be it if I am possessed with demons or whatever, maybe it is like the movie Evil Dead and something has got my hand, LOL.


It seems like we don’t want to get caught, but the best stories are running and not getting caught. Subconsciously it is like it acceptable to get spotted, but damn getting caught. Vandal for life!

Yep I have some chase stories. Let me count. Um zero is what I want to truly talk about, and yep I don’t wanna get caught again. Honestly I have a case that is still pending. But all in all, I don’t like repeating myself twice, but none of that stuff is going to stop me. To me I see a train that has no paint on it then it is not a train. Honestly, ask yourself, do trains look better with or without paint; I mean who should really fuckin care? But for real, keep all that shit on the low cause serious shit happens from this so all I can say is Yep I’m a vandal for life.

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You said graffiti saved your life because you were a banger before, can we hear more?

Yep yep crazy times…

Yep I used to bang hard. It was kill or be killed during them times in the 90’s. One night I was marking our shit on the block and the other fools from the other side started shooting at us. They hit my homeboy in his forearm. Peace and love to them, but bangin killed them, I feel most of them are in Heaven now but the rest are in prison now. That’s when I said fuck this life-style, I’d rather paint. Graffiti truly saved my life. I feel that I met a better quality of people through graffiti than bangin.

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What initially started or influenced you to paint? Part hip hop, part NY trains or something like that I am guessing. What FIRST caused you to go get some paint and start for your first time?

Mos Def it had to be seeing the freight trains roll by. I have been blessed by nearly being born towards graffiti’s creation, but I experienced the time where it truly was blowing up. It was the freights that made me wanna get up and do my thing. Being young and staring at walls along the streets of Chicago with a head full of Hip hop, shit, I could never have avoided it.

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Explain your feeling of the adrenalin high when you do your illegals. Why has breaking into a train yard became a drug? What does it feel like?

Yep, you get a certain undefinable rush from painting trains. I think most people are good people, but if you are talking about breaking the law and being prepared to run from the cops, most people are pussies. We are the type of people that start revolutions. You know you’re doing something illegal and getting away with it. Knowing that someone is going to see your train in a different state, that’s the drug. This is the true addiction because I simply just wanna do more. I guess you can call me an adrenaline junkie. I live on the edge, so death, cops, or whatever doesn’t concern me. I just feel a rush that is truly unexplainable. We only live one time, maybe. But fuck it, take advantage of it, enjoy life and sometimes say fuck the rules. Trust me! You will enjoy life more when you say these magical words, fuck everything, be your own boss and make your own rule, FUCK THEM COWARDS!

I love hitting trains and there is not a God damn thing anyone can do about it. Like I said VANDAL FOR LIFE! I will hit as many trains as I can. Fuck the train authorities. Yes! They have caught on by now, but one thing they don’t know is that we have always have been ahead of them and I am not just talking about being a fuckin track star and out running them in a foot race. I am talking about these bitches using technology against us. In America there is a group of bitches that actually goes underneath bridges and writes down our names and we all go in a book. I am wanted now. That’s why I try not to tag everything in my area. I like staying low-key so I can paint in my chosen places with fewer problems.

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Like I said before about some people see graffiti as childish and see it as destruction but we think otherwise. In addition to that thought many people give this up, so why keep this addiction at such a later age? What do you get from it?

To me it does matter whether it is legal or illegal. I simply prefer to do illegal graffiti. Illegals have more excitement for me. But if you want to get into a philosophical view, people break the fuckin law all the time. These Dudley-do-right business motherfuckers speed on their way to work to be greedy motherfuckin business men. People break the law all the time. So what is the difference with me? I think these trains look better because I exist! There is nothing new to me about people breaking the law. Really I think it is human nature.

I’m an average working adult that likes to paint trains. Most average adults that break the law do the crime in a more inconspicuous way. I real don’t paint walls anymore. Trains is where its’ at for me. It is simply more fun and exciting. Running from Bulls (train cops), hopping fences, and the thrill of painting a train. Yeah it has always been illegal for me, but life has chosen that way for me. I was born on the wrong side of the tracks. Simply put, I love trains and the rest of the world hates seeing them. I look for art on trains while others look for the end of the trains so they can go about their normal everyday lives. Even though there are certain spots where you can paint on legal permissioned walls, I chose to be a vandal.

We don’t steal walls; we just take it and painting it.

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Shout outs! Go ahead and end it traditionally!

Big shout to my crews Isbk, Dac, Tmc, Reb, Wlk. Big shout out to my brother Mer One Isbk, Free Paneck, and my Cuzo GK.



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