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So obviously being that not everyone is familiar with you, why the name Jesus Saves? Also, I find it very interesting that you do vandalism but yet, you chose that name. So why vandalize? I bet you have an interesting story, theory, or really, a life full of interesting philosophies?

Because, to me, this is the number 1 way to spread the message. People should know that salvation has nothing to do with church. It has nothing to do with religion. We are saved simply by being a good man and having a relationship with God through Jesus Christ! Salvation is simply for those that believe!

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So why vandalize when some would consider it almost evil?

Graffiti is way before Christ! I would say that during the times of the Egyptians, symbols on the walls meant something. In the Old Testament, the book of Daniel talks about a king who couldn’t read the signs on the walls. So obviously messages are on the walls so look closely, can you see that Jesus saves? We can still find many a men today that can not properly interpret the messages or images on the walls. What irony? Mankind can’t see the right message! Now in these days we got crazy wild style and crazy graffiti which is unreadable. Same as it was millions of years ago.

Graffiti is freedom of speech or a beautiful form of expression. Graffiti is not evil. Could I change your mind if I said that we also have Gospel Graffiti crews? How evil is it having artists representing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the fullest? Graffiti is illegal? Yes, but the soul of mankind is priceless and too valuable to count. So, if my message is 100% pure and divine, maybe the paint’s message is more important than any materialistical thing. Our message can be eternal.

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What do you think about, or how does it feel being a vandal?

I don’t think of my self as a vandal even though I’m considered as one, yet vandalism doesn’t come to my mind so I don’t know what it is like to be a vandal or to feel like pne…yes I stopped because I don’t want to do time in jail for this, yet, I am still active in the Graffiti game & I’ll always will!

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So next question is have you got featured on the news, have you went to jail, have you ever had any chase stories? These are some of the true stories about street art…have you ever gotten into trouble?

I started doing graffiti in 1995. By 2005 I had all of the city locked down. I simply smashed it to a point that the police couldn’t tell what borough I lived on cause I had all uptown and downtown Manhattan on Deck! Just like I did in Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx! Name it and Jesus was trying to save there. Come to find out, people are telling me that I am in 3rd place of the top 10 most wanted graffiti/vandals in the New York City Police department, so I already knew I was wanted.
I kept on tagging every day still. But eventually I got cought. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd time I was released. I did community service to do what they call my service to society. Then, I got cought plenty of more times after that. I end up in Riker’s Island! I went in and out just for graffiti! While doing time in Riker’s Island, all I was thinking about was what spot to hit when I got released. On my 10th arrest for graffiti, they gave me a month and a half. That was the unfortunate time. I had to force myself to slow down and stop for a bit because if I got caught many more times, then I would do more jail time.
Maybe that’s why people don’t really see me up like everywhere anymore like they used to, but because of this pressure I have not been as much of a player in this game as I have wanted to. As I got older, I decided to go to collage and of course I graduated. I had to do something with my life, yet my love for Jesus Christ is and always has been a part of my life and will always be a part of me for the rest of my life! Now thanks to Sst3 Starlights studio, I have taken my graffiti to another level where I get Jesus Saves Shirts Printed, as well as markers, skateboard decks, pin buttons, notebook covers as well as more Jesus Saves items to come.
As for now just painting on permitted walls in different parts of the world as well as the states is what I am doing. I am not going to give away any more stories, I have a couple, but let’s just end it with eventually I got caught so there’s not much else to talk about!

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How does the world see us?

We are labeled as vandals. We go to jail because it is a so called crime and a felony. A felony which is compared to those who mug people with a gun. We are equal to those who rob banks, with those who sell 30 bricks of cocaine, and with those who have bombs and grenaids. Are we killers? That’s what the state of New York is comparing graffiti with! As if we are horrible criminals or murderers. New York is very solid and is not the same as it was a few decades ago.

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What is the meaning of life? Also, give the world a message!

The meaning of life is of God’s Existance. Life is a gift from God that’s why we are now fully here in the present. We are all a part of God’s plan and purpose which is why you and I are here conversating about it. Don’t let anything you see, hear, or feel confuse you. Learn what is right, ignore the rest and just do what your heart says when it is pure. This is why I seek the spiritual realms of life.

A message from me to you all. God loves you all, you are all beautiful, priceless, wonderful, unique, valuable, important, special, & victorious. Love 1 another & forgive 1 another. Be at peace & rejoice. Don’t let the past disturb your thoughts hearts & emotions. Leave it all to God & move on day by day with God’s help! Blessings to you all

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