Let’s start with a self-introduction. Give us the basics, what made you first start art?

Hi. I have painted for almost 15 years and have almost always been Pito. When I first started I felt 100% of a passion for this world of graffiti and I hope it never stops! Basically, I am from a mountainous region in France. The mini me always spent time to draw, scribble, sculpt, and carve wooden statues small stick. It was such a natural thing to combine my hands with my head and everything else around me.
After reaching adolescence, I frequently visited the local skatepark in my town and this new thing called graffiti was like a personal revelation to me. This graffiti adorned the walls and modules everywhere. It was like a nice slap in the face, and I told myself that I had to do the same thing.
Other than the skate park, I made some new friends and we just naturally formed our first crew. With, hip hop in my ears, like Nas the message I am, NTM “That’s my people,” Rocca, Wu-Tang and so many others, I scribble letters during the school hours and whenever I could I left paint on the walls of my city.
In the beginning, it was very frustrating, because what you saw inspired you, but your beginning amature talent makes you quickly catch up with reality. I quickly realized that it was not as easy as I thought it would have been, but I was convinced that as everything else that is worth appreciating, it was all about discipline. Simply put, everything is within reach when we apply ourselves wholeheartedly!!


Next step, your motivation?

I Then met some friends who wrote a little. I remember those days clearly, we went into various cities, markers in our pockets and bombs in the backpack. Our first moments adjusting to this form of discipline was marked with passing moments of delirium. Thus my self became enlightened to the fact that tagging is the soul essence of this discipline.
I then began to study each letter more closely than anyone else would ever care to. I felt that I had to understand its roots to make the link or a connection between the tag and graffiti. I learned to love the letter and to trust him, to be guided not only by its beautiful curves but also by its sharp edges. From my point of view, each letter has a personality all on it’s own, but by intensely studying each and every one of them, you find a way to connect them to spell a NAME. They are all unique and yet similar in a way. They all tell different stories, some are less common in points, traits, and physical similarities.
I spent much time imagining different ways of putting all the letters together. Where do they pull at each other and at which point do they do so? Where do they push each other and why? Now how do I twist and distort them until the whole does not form one. Like a science of where to push and pull. There is every bit of evidence that some letters are more easily tame and for my part I think the “S” or “E” are easier to find a descent style for because they can easily be scaled while always keeping an effective side and aggressive limit.


What are your influences? Maybe you can start with your childhood and up to today. They like-have changed in any way?

A Friend showed me a magazine called, “Radikal,” it was a big slap of color in the face again!! I was suddenly sick with the need to do more and it was most definitely, and necessarily due to the influence of these productions.
In my town there was very little paint and I did not get along too with the local lads. Luckily, I meet a young writer who’s name was PIOC, we have very good feeling about what we were doing together so, we painted more. We created the PPCREW, it was the best time. Unfortunately, he stopped painting walls to concentrate on his job as a canvas producer.
So I quickly put myself on the road to explore other worlds. I met SHAM of Larmada, H2O, 3BDC, their paintings right away broke my retina. I was like a sponge to their influence, I soaked it up. So needlessly to say, it necessarily influenced my style.
Then I discovered the work of SERVAL, EWOK, RESO, DOES, POSE, SUEDE, TASSO also as far as an influence. In addition, well, I just don’t think it is just me, but many others were influenced by the graffiti magazines found in the press, short documentaries such as: Style Wars, Writers, Graffiti Instincts. That stuff was so good we were all impregnated.
But as I explained earlier, I lived in a rural area and the graffiti was not my sole influence. I loved walking in the woods, listening to the creaking of the trees, the singing of the birds singing, the sweet sound of a river. These are all things that rejuvenate me.
Music plays a very important role in my life. Although very essence of hip hop culture and the basics of this discipline are very urban, I completely respect it and I am often saddened that so many people lack that respect. But, for me, it is a perfect match for graffiti. We can’t have one without the other.
A turning point in my life are my children!! For some time, when I came home after painting, my kids jumped on me and asked to see what I dad did today. So I have directed my latest paintings to decorate a more fun side of visual delusions and crazy characters. This has been one of my greatest satisfactions, to make my children happy!!
I think that every graffiti artist first paints for his self. He has to have some fun and be in a frenzy that matches it. Too many people paint for photos and likes on internet. There are too many people that are trying to work for their fame and ego, but it is far from the true essence of this discipline, PLEASURE, SHARING, AND MEETING.


Some people follow rules, some people break them, why break the law to express yourself? And what does art mean to you?

It is normal to follow rules. This is our educators that want that. The fact that there are some rules to follow in graffiti is not necessarily bad, but I think it is necessary not always necessary to flourish. Too many people remain trapped in their styles as they are afraid to break the rules they have set for themselves. The goal of this passion in my mind is to put all of your passions into it and escape, flourish, and to forget the hassles of everyday life. Just have fun and then you lose yourself man! The key is to live in the moment, experiment, and do not forget that our discipline is an art and that our art truly has no rules or limits!! FUCK THE RULES !!


Do you have any crazy chase stories? Cops or anything? Just an interesting story?

I do not have very peppery anecdotes with the police because I was always very careful, but I did get some shit like all graffiti artists. I was almost stopped one night. It all started when I was asking about a “PITO” on a wall. Since I’m stuck in my city as such a fuck the cops type of man, I forgot about everything and followed only one idea on my mind, I had to set off and set this straight!!
There was little time, I wanted to take what I felt was mine as this second “PITO” had made many more tags. So I took my cans and without permission I attacked much of downtown and got as close to being adjacent to the police station. Traders came asking me what I was doing there? I explained that this was a project with the city and my wife and a friend had stopped up the street. It was excellent, resulting in a trompe l’20m long eye on 3m wide unauthorized started 17h finished at 1am. And afterwards the town practically worshiped it. I think throughout my career I have had taken many chances!!! But no, I have never gotten into trouble.


What are your recent achievements?

Recently All depends with whom I paint! When I paint with the guys of my crews (NTC, PPC) everything released systematically and always starts on improbable crazy money and these moments are so good that they are memories that are forever anchored in my mind but are delusions I have imagined doing alone. When I paint I only tend to make direct paths not to think just go fast, and be spontaneous.
When you paint with 2 to 5 people, the process is super interesting because you can afford mistakes that you can easily fix all alone you while remaining consistent. The opportunity to experiment on large areas is a great thing on the weekend.
Then there jams or I am always pleased to be invited, so I try to give my all, but also to enjoy these great moments of encounter and exchange.



A Big dedication to your magazine, thank you for this interview, thank you to my wife who always pushes me to RWMs children whom I love as well as my family, my crews, the NTC: NUANS leflip, moth, wens, astus2 , Apashe; Keyler will, wuna, corner fireplace, Snuka, CFC: apo, PIOC, romg, omega, my friends: okus, sovaj the tsf: grandpa, milouz, Brinx, krolos, the hive, niko, Votour, chipo, Snek , ACEM and others, buddy sham, arsen, Kuby, mizo, resh, torek, zomeka, kotek and teas, JERC, dely, spot, Spazm, sismikazot, babe, and many others, the Italian n1crew: marten, poms, prose, mate, Woit, easy jin etc .. mr blob cheone, rocco, Korvo, smake, reser, Orma (crazy guys) jair dmjc, Swiss ,: more jazy, weal … Spanish: fert, oxidase, dyox, rudi, Latinos: Gerso, narcelio Grud, amor, boncks, berns, fog and pesimo and all others, thank you to everyone I met and know from all cities, you have all made me enormouse, Aux Otonom and those who left too early (Elian Rest in peace bro in P2R forever) !!

Good vibes all





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