For years, Mark Gonzales had been hoarding artwork, collectibles and other old items in rented storage rooms in New York City he long forgot about. A recent unearthing of the space revealed a bevy of collectibles and keepsakes both created and collected by the creative/skater over the years. Compiled together in an exhibition aptly called “Storage Space,” the collection is presented as a time capsule art show presented with adidas that includes clothing, art, memorabilia, and skate decks from his favorite ones to ones he had near-death experiences with. Select items will be auctioned off for sale.

Check out a piece of skateboarding history by viewing Gonzales’s “Storage Space” exhibition at Tampa skateboard shop The Boardr, now open. We also recently went art supply shopping and pizza hunting with the Gonz in our latest HBTV episode.

The Boardr HQ
4611 N Hale Ave,
Tampa, FL 33614
United States

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