Milu Correch, female artist from Buenos Aires (Argentina), will exhibit her drawings and her prints at the Birstrò Pigneto, in de Magistris st. 66 (Rome). The exhibition, curated by a.DNA project, will be set up and visible for two days: Tuesday 9th and Wednesday 10th, June from 6 pm, during which time you can watch the artist at work for a new intervention on the road to the self-craft brewery.

Original drawings, accompanied by limited edition prints signed and numbered with some handmade details, will go on sale within the Birstrò in presence of the artist, to support his third trip to Europe. In fact, in the course of her travels in the old Continent, she was invited to create monumental murals in several cities in Spain, Germany and Belgium.

Following the first Italian experience of 2013 with a.DNA collective for Urban Area at the former theater Volturno (Roma – Termini), last month returned to the Capital for a second operation mural in the Roman district that the first ‘she has hosted: Pigneto. The mural, curated again by a.DNA project, was completed on May 24th and 25th of this year for the festival “Pigneto Città Aperta”, and made off in Gentile da Mogliano st. on the wall of the market. The title “Disciples of Peter Pan – superagents children, redeeming adults from the absurd” and the four children portraits summarize the artistic experience of Milu which tends to crumble aesthetic and moral certainties with sadistic and pungent irony, through plots between Classical mythology and Romantic symbolism, revealing childhood feelings, primitive and pristine.

The imagery of Milu Correch creates an metaphysics opening without limits or written codes, the breach in a world too often stops at static interpretations.

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