Tristan Eaton? A well known name in the street art community. The artist who is best known for his signature visual language he applies on various mediums across the US – from murals to toys – recently teamed up with the Streetwear and Lifestyle label Rebel8, for which he completed a mural.

Located at the heart of Los Angeles, the brand’s HQ now has a wall with the most vibrant colours and drawings. The design comes to life with a behind the scenes look from the guys over at Chop ‘Em Down Films, who documented the piece in the making. The video not only provides a look at the progress but also presents Tristan’s incredible talent. Check out the stunning mini docu here.

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My name is Arjan Matteo Das and I’m a Dutch Scots-Italian Designer born and raised in the belly of the beast. I’m currently doing a bachelor’s degree at the Design Academy Eindhoven. I’m also the Creative Director & Designer at Ohana Magazine and the founder of the streetwear brand Raison d’être. As a multidisciplinary designer, I see myself as a contemporary pirate applying traditional and modern methodes to my projects. by mixing these I am able to create a Spawning pool in which I develop new concepts and designs.

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