I always ask the same question on the first question. Introduce yourself!

Well, first of all, my name is Winkstyles. I am a graffiti artist from a small town in northern Arizona. This is a place where few leave, and no one takes risks, so obviously I didn’t fit unless I acted like a ninja. I guess maybe my name should be Ninja Gaiden. I started my art career out as a comic book artist. My transition into writing on walls was influenced by my brother. He came into my room one day, and informed me that drawing characters on paper was something that “pussies” do, and I should take up a real art form.
One night, I went out with him just to appease him. At first, I felt the feeling of fear. The act of bombing was quite frightening. My hand was shaking uncontrollably, and I couldn’t believe I was actually doing this. I managed to spray a few lines, and moments later I was over come with this adrenaline rush I had never before experienced until then. Then I knew this was my new drug.
When I went home, I couldn’t sleep. I wanted to do it again and again. I think I might have done it in my sleep. I found myself addicted. From there, I desired to have my own style. I did not know what kind of writer I wanted to be until the day I walked upon the train tracks where I last bombed. There was a team. A bunch of taggers that buffed a wall down. They dropped some shit that just blew my mind. The piece in the middle of the production had these tiny white lines inside these intricate shapes. He was the one that stood out the most to me. His tag line was: “Made you look twice.” I always remembered that. And it inspired me so much to be who I am today. It was then I told myself: I want to be that guy some day. I became a wild style artist right then and there


Since I am a fan of yours, I have to ask what type of materials you use?

Well, honestly, I absolutely can’t get enough of Alien Montana cans. When I grew the balls to start painting characters, these things came in very handy for that. I primarily use just spray paint for walls. I am open minded as far as cans go. I really just use spray paint for walls. I absolutely can’t get enough of Alien Montana cans. I am pretty open minded as far as cans go. I have a cap preference tough. I love needle caps. I have to have those. If I don’t have a needle, I might not paint.
I do all kinds of strange things with needle caps. i made my own name for it that I like to call “that bullshit” in regards to my effects. For my smallest lines, I use hand made stencil caps. I still draw comics, and work on canvas. One thing you don’t know about me, I am color blind. So it is because of this illness, that I typically leave my work in a grey scale form.. But I combine it with a heavy black contrast. I use a fine point sharpie for lines, and a thick one for fill ins. The color that I do use, are copic markers


The next, is one of my favorites when I give an interview, Give me a story about the cops.

Well umm…Problems with local authority. I actually got chased out of a train yard last year. I got was painting a track side with a good friend of mine. There just happened to be a train car laid up several feet down from us, and he really want to hit it. So we finished the wall, and walked down to the car. Originally I was just going to call it a day. Thank god I decided other wise. When we turned around, the entire bridge was filled with police cars. We had to toss our bags into the bushes, and then we took off. Imagine this shit. Thirty year olds sprinting through the jungle. We hid in the bushes and plants. We jumped a few fences. Crossed through a high school like we were solid snakes or ninjas. I used my phone to pin point our location. GPS helps a lot. Which found us a a rescue ride.
My cellphone died before I could give the information. So, luckily, my friend and I wandered around pretty much lost for two hours. We were hoping to find his house by chance. Eventually, my friend’s wife found us as she was driving around looking for us. Where? Coincidently, we were found on top of the bridge where we ran from the cops.


What is your advise for future artists?

Come up with your own style. Find your own indentity. Don’t focus on trying to get into that famous crew, or compensate for not being where you want to be by dropping names. Graffiti is not an easy art form. You will always be learning. You will come up against new challenges all the time. Don’t be discouraged. Be your own competition. Don’t give up. Last but least, have fun.


What are your future dreams?

I really would like to out my own comic book, and start animating. As far as my walls go, I just want to evolve, improve, and get better every single time. Traveling and meeting new people definitely is a plus


Here is your freedom to end this interview say whatever you want!

I want to thank all the people who have really been there, and believed in me. It is has been a really difficult road, and my real friends have kept me going. Shout outs to KIES TNR, KNOW7, PNER TNR, TEKAY TNR, ELIAM, CODY MAGEE, ZERO, SIRE, FRANK LUGO, and LUCKY LUCY specifically. Special shout to my significant other. You were there at my worst. You never gave up on me.



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