What does graffiti mean to you?

What is Graffiti to you? Honestly, I would have to say that is a stupid question. What does an indefinable term mean?

I can this try bro, but I will always feel that I never left this world much more educated after I speak my answer.

Graffiti, to me, means dancing letters which are dynamic and expressive within each stroke and line. You have to view every point and appreciate every aspect of it. If you want to understand the artist, you have to study every aspect of detail and get inside his mind. When you get inside his mind, be prepared to be totally confused.

After trying to understand the men that have came before you, it is at that time where you can fully and truly develop your own style. Really you will never understand the other artists. The question is do you understand yourself? Nevermind their style in the end. You should not be thinking about others when you have a wall or a train. Think about yourself!

Much more studies much be applied to cultivate your own art so stay out of other people’s styles and forms and develop your own. Your styles can always be improved, but this is truly about YOU! Be influenced, but find yourself, find your style and your level. Simply appreciate all of our gifts, both yours and mine. Those who came before you will help you form your own style.

If the shapes are done correctly, then they will have color and a form of life, a style, or a pattern. You need to appreciate each letter to give them the respect that they deserve. I feel that only I can understand each one of my letters. Key words, my letters. Understand yourself to be an independent artist!  And it is only when I understand myself that my emotions and my life can be captured and shown within each line and is really shown within the whole picture.

All of my emotions are captured within all of my letters and effects. Simply put, if you want to understand me, understand my letters and effects or be forever lost in my mind. It is ok to get lost in my mind. I am not boring at all; I can always entertain you and everyone else.


Does graffiti touch your soul?

This is a therapeutic way of life for me. I am a patient of paint. If there was a great doctor, he would say the cure for my cancer or whatever it was, is paint! If I couldn’t paint, maybe I would never have found myself. I truly know myself and if you take my paint away it is like you stole my soul and I call it war now. That is why we are against all authority. Nevermind cops or any form of official. They will never understand us. Like “Nike” says, “Just do it!”

Painting is a place where all my pain and my deepest aspirations, can be expressed. It is a way of expressing positive and negativity. Away of therapy. I can’t try to be a graffiti artist. I do it because I have to. Do not try to be a graffiti artist. Do not try to be an artist. Do it because it is the main thing that makes you happy. Your soul is showing you the way through the dark parts of life to add beauty to the world.

My paintings come from my deepest inner thoughts, and are expressed through my art. Many people say they want to know the artist, then know what my every stroke means to truly feel the emotions of my heart. We all feel emotions and that causes our actions. You need to understand the emotions of an artist to understand them and their art.

Sounds impossible right?  Well, prepare yourself to always misunderstand us artists.


How can we understand the artist?

I feel that a symbiosis is formed through the dynamics of my letters and the colors. Each letter that I do has 100% of me inside of them; every swing of my hand is simply a man that is one with his wall.

It is truly difficult or maybe quite impossible for outsiders to understand how there can be people who can develop a passion through these events, because they see vandalism as destruction. But I have had to pay for my passion very much up into this point. Many hard times are behind me but that made me who I am today: partially broken. But these influences, both good and bad, reflect each stroke in my pictures. I am by no ways 100% good. You can see my negative as well as my negative side reflected within my art.

An image is precisely what arises in an individual’s heart and mind. For me, graffiti is a forward-looking development and restive growth, which allows for one to make their inner freedom, which is just to be. Inner freedom comes from not asking for permission and taking what you want and doing exactly what you want. For me graffiti must not always be totally clean and free of errors. This is something where each and every soul lacks charm, but it can be dirty and grossed up if it is precisely the way I feel. The authenticity of myself in my paintings is very important and I think that my pictures are full of honesty and love.


What can your heart not erase about your love for the streets?

For myself, what I love so much is if it’s just chrome. To me, there is nothing more honest than a silver image. The style and shapes, coupled with momentum and flow can tell me so much more than one that was designed with a graphics program on a computer. But if it is well implemented and in my domain, than I will not say that I do not like such a thing. We just have very refined tastes.

I grew up in East Germany and had many noticeable influences. In Berlin there is “Styles of Breath” and “Dejoe”. Which have been monumental for me. So very informative. But the old images of “Kacao77” were so out of the norm. They were so very noticeable and beautiful, but at the same time they were hard to understand. I found much inspiration through him. I think a good style is also stamp graffiti e.g. on a train there is nothing more beautiful to see than a legible breaker to take your breath away. For example “Nick Trus”, “Micro”, and my bro “Chill”, just to name a few, are the masters of their craft and simply have the necessary elegance.


Can you explain graffiti from the artist’s point of view?

For me graffiti is an atmosphere in of itself. When you go in the subway tunnel or in a depot, every crack, every sound, along with the smell and the darkness, makes that moment what it is; the best in life.  Freedom, starts to overcome you and the color on moving steel is what many of us live for. Throwing up your name cause the addict inside. When it starts to take form, that is the greatest and most invincible moment. After all, all the bother and the work that is put into that image for 20 minutes is indescribable. The best writers have often wondered if they should quit, but for me, I think the greed always pushes me to my top performance, and that is why it is so special! I told you I can’t accurately describe this feeling, so go get some paint and hit a wall!

I think graffiti is at its best when you share it with people. I feel that we can learn a lot from each other when we share what you like. Unfortunately there is much envy, jealousy, and resentment within this world. I might not be able to list all of the reasons why exactly because I believe them to be so numerous. But, especially my haters are actually showing me love. You have truly made me who I am today. And all my haters can quote me, “you talk while I do, you are all a bunch of hateful cowards!” Unfortunately you do not fit into this world right and you eat a lot of dirt and even when you’re at the end, you keep love for the world of graffiti so we don’t die but multiply.


Give a shout out brother.

I mean, crews “cdib49” and “FRD” are pushing me but of course they keep me on the floor. Because where there is a healthy narcissism there is also a healthy evolution. Graffiti at home must not only happen illegally. The main thing is that the results of what is good is also the dissatisfaction of waking up.

With me, I am my own worst critic and I need my own approval, for perfection and esteem verging on dignity. My life is often difficult and sometimes I may often stop to stand for what I appreciate and love, namely graffiti. It is at my side daily and often lights up the shadow of myself but I always live, love, and suffer there…..keep on rocking…..ever kiss81.



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