In the beginning, I feel all of us need a self introduction. However, the most important part about you is what influenced you and made art start growing inside your heart?

Well, my name is WrOnGrOwN and I’m a Danish writer who started out in the 90`s in Copenhagen, Denmark. For the first couple of years I was inspired by the local Danish artists. The 80`s and 90`s the graffiti scene in Denmark was incredible. Honestly there were many sick writers painting on such a high level. I found because of that, it was an easy influence to make me very creative and inspired in this area alone. Simply put, these guys were amazing.

After I started art I couldn’t stop. I studied every aspect of this new world. In the late 90`s, I found my true style. I started painting 3d pieces, which brought me closer to my own personal Heaven on Earth. Honestly, it is truly difficult to explain the feeling that us writers have from doing these works. I enjoyed everything about what I do and did back in the day.

In my opinion, back in the day, the best 3d- graffiti came from countries like Germany, France, and the US. Obviously, it was natural for me to look in that direction when it came to my inspiration. But I still think that you can see the early Danish old-school inspiration in my style today if you are educated in the graffiti world.


What types of materials do you use? I know many people think that in street art, only cans are used, so give us some information about your creativity.

For the first 10 years I only used spray cans, and I only painted walls. But in the early 2000`s I started painting on canvases. This is an entirely different world from walls. I think the major transition exsists because of the difference of scale or size. I was use to burning walls. So obviously there was a totally different process here. I remember that I had a lot of difficulties due to the fact that I did not have much space on the canvases. It was hard to adjust and I couldn’t provide as much details on a canvas as I could to my walls. Therefore I started to integrate acrylics on my canvases, and thus realizing the potential of the canvas could be much better. But it was a challenge to start all over with a new tool (the paintbrush), because that took some years to master. Honestly a true artist should feel the need to explore the world of art which seems to be as big as the Milky Way. So still to this day, my walls are mainly spray though, where my canvases are like 50% and 50% acrylics.


I know most street artists have had problems with the local authorities or cops. So tell me an interesting story. I always ask this question because I want to inform people about the danger of our own culture.

I don’t paint illegal anymore, but of course I have some old stories from the 90`s. Some ended good and some not. I remember especially one night when I was painting with my old crew buddies at a wall along the train tracks in 1997. Suddenly the police were there, chasing us like burglars or something. The only thing that saved us was a small water channel near by, which you couldn`t cross without jumping in the water. So my crewmate decided to jump in the water and swim across, and I jumped in right after him, which eventually saved us from getting caught. We freezed our asses off afterwards though. Do I need to say it was winter time?

I have also been caught a couple of times. It was never fun spending those nights in jail. One of those times, I was painting a train, and the other time I was painting illegal walls. But that’s how it goes sometimes. No regrets!!


What is your advise for future artists?

Just have fun while you do it, and enjoy it!! Color the world!!!


What are your future dreams?

To stay healthy and being able to continue to paint and sell my canvases to people who truly appreciate my style. I also want to travel and paint more in different continents


Here is your freedom to end this interview and say whatever you want!

Shoutouts to all the cool writers who inspired me as a young writer, especially my old crewmates FNA, and to all the writers who continue to contribute with their extraordinary art, and thus making the international graffiti scene what it is today= pretty fucking cool!!!!




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