In the first part of this interview, I will ask you to introduce yourself.

First of all my name is Crisp.  That is a chilhoodhood nickname of Crispy. At the same time, I feel that that name describes things in this world and I will let you contemplate on that one. I am a 38 years old and I was born in Sydney, Australia. Both of my parents were artists. My mother was a painter and my father was a ceramic artist. I grew up in the rural parts of NSW (where?) in a town called Tamworth. After I finished school, I hit up Sydney for 6 years. There, I studied to be a physiotherapist. After all of that, I decided to travel the world. I lived in the UK for 10 years and I am now currently living in Bogata, Columbia for the past 5 Years.

Crisp-street-art-OHANA-MAGAZINE-4What made you love art and get started originally?

Honestly, I can’t remember. Ever since I was young, I have done art. The first thing I can remember is that my parents taught me how to draw, paint, sculpt, as well as many other things. I must say, that I am interested in many different things. I can’t always do the same things over and over because I need a variety of things for me to keep my life interesting. Hence, not only am I an artist, but I am a physiotherapist. But when it comes to the world of art, I am a late bloomer. I didn’t get into street art untill I moved to Bogata. I was encouraged to move my art to the streets by the local graffiti artists. Since I made that change, I have never looked back.  Now most of my art is directly influenced and motivated from the streets.

What are your influences?

Honestly, I have studied different styles of art. In my beginning, I was influesed by Dali and escpecially James Gleeson! So much of my art involves more than one style which is influenced to me by more than one artist. Imagine morphing styles, people, animals, places, and even different worlds into one. I have also been influenced by sculptures mainly Richard Goodwin. In addition, because I study other styles, I especially because interested in stencils when I saw the works of Blek le rat and Banksy. That motivated me about 15 years ago. I started photographing their art at that time. Right now I am currently focused on stencils and the use of the aerosol can. I also have another division of my art where I make ceramic masks which is a direct influence of my father. I am not sure what I will do in the future because I always have an inner feeling of always want to evolve my art or I get bored within my own mind.

What motivates you?  Also, have you ever lost your motivation?

Well, there are about three things I can think of that motivate me. First of all, I am simply motivated by the satisfaction that my creations give me. But it is not only that, I love the feeling of knowing that a complete stranger can turn the corner and I can put their eyes in heaven as soon as they see my piece. The other part of my motivation is absorbed by my mind when I hear others ideas. Oh, I forgot a fourth form of motivation comes from simply loving to do art. I get motivation when I try to freestyle and do something new. I love the freedom of street art because we make our own rules and put it everywhere.

And maybe I am a little bit different, but I have never lost my motivation. Honestly, like I have already said, my true job is a physiotherapist, so if I can’t do art, then I become more motivated because I can’t do my true love. When I am at work, I just want to get out of the hospital and do art. I feel like a piece of me is missing when I am not painting. Lately I have been very blessed. Although I have been very poor, I can do so much more paintings lately.

What are your dreams?

For the future, I just want to improve my talent. I want to put as much art on walls that I can. COVER THE WORLD! The streets are my playground. I want to keep on traveling the world and have amazing adventures. Also, I want to collaborate with as many artists as I can. Working with other artists truly tests your ability and pushes you to adapt to another style. That is truly how you expand your mind.

Give me an interesting personal experience.

Yes, I am a street artist, but the funny thing is that my story doesn’t come from the street. My story comes from taking pictures. I was unknowingly in a bad part of (Colombia) “Bogota” last year. I saw some awesome pieces and I wanted to take some pics. So I was in the middle of taking pictures and 3 guys tried to jump me. Long story short, one of them tried to stab me in the stomach. Thank God, I deflected his knife with my hand but unfortunately I was stabbed in my hand which needed minor surgery. And the worst thing about this incident was, I had to paint with my other hand…LOL


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