King Kwa Zulu

DJ/M.C./Live Show/Beatbox

King Kwa Zulu traveled the World DJing and Performing for 15 years. His influences are many musicians from around the world, in his beginnings in South Africa, Lesotho, he was raised a drummer and dancer. Later on in life it would influence his life to no end. Where he would find DJing Dancing Beatboxing and Performing to be my happiness! Nearly, every country he have found a way to reach ecstasy by losing his self in the vibration of sound. He had to do what he wanted when he wanted to do it as he watch the crowd, not thinking about how to become a “Mega Star” by acting like many DJs in this industry today that plays the same thing day after day. He would like to say “I play for the bartenders and waitresses, the love for the music”.

He just like to ride the beat while playing what he love and it seems people like his mixes. he’s a musician but he books his own tours, he manage his own life and with 5 passports full of stamps even before their stamps he have made his own personal career. MUSIC: I Dj everything that has that feeling of reaching ecstasy! It must give you chills you have to leave my show, event, set, blown away! NEW YORK GAVE ME SOULS of all International MUSIC parties, EDM Brit, Puerto Rican Merengue Parties in Brooklyn on 182nd and Valentine on any given Saturday all spring! He traveled on his own and learned in every country to adapt then enlighten a crowd and make you dance. SOUL, Old School Hip Hop, R&B, TECH MIN, GRIND, RAGGAE, Trip, Trap, DUB, DUBSTEP, AFRICAN HOUSE, Detroit, ILLA PHILADEPHIA, Drum and Bass/ Jungle and M.C., HITS! Which bring me back to music. Music is supposed to be optimistic (Tech , about having a good time (Chicago House), music to escape the doldrums and pressures of everyday life that’s hard to be pessimistic about, though the Internet seems to breed some kind of contempt for music because it’s just so ‘available’. There are a lot of great songs out there – all they need is the right party! That’s where King Kwa Zulu is come in! DJing 957,000 Tracks of Music and MC, Freestyle, and Beatbox with any band no doubts if and or maybes with the accuracy of a surgeon I operate! Keeping House as my surgical tool Making the feet move and your mind and body groove 4 to the floor.