First of all, we have an obvious question without an obvious answer who are you? How did you get your name and what this music tattooed into your mind, heart, down even to your soul?

We’re Bassclap & P.I.T.B, also known as Boombass Brothers, Blood Brothers. We two are influenced by Reggae music and Hip Hop, but we’re lovers of Drum & Bass and Jungle music, and never leave out the Breaks. Maybe with a deep question like that you may expect me to get all philosophical? Well brother I am a DJ which could be a scientist of sound but in no way am that deep into some personal philosophy. I like music because it was an unavoidable thing. Ask any person about a part of the world that they love and ask them to explain it; well my answer is you would have to be me. Some people like sports with a passion and I love music with an unidentifiable love. It seems like part of us enters into the world pre-programmed like a computer. I was programmed to be a musician. Maybe it is one of my main purposes in life. I do music because I love it and it is something that no one can take away from me, simple!

To you what is the definition of music, what does it mean to you personally? How does it feel to be the headliner and owning the moment and killing it in front of large crowds?

First of all music is such a broad term and I am glad you asked me what it means to me and not other people. I can’t speak for them, man I can barely speak it for myself. This is almost as difficult as defining the word love or asking me to explain the meaning of life?

I will just say that I love music. When I hear the bass it takes the same rythem of my heart. My head starts shakin or knodding. This is my drug. Music fused itself with my DNA and I can’t get rid of it, it like my wife. Shit do not ask me to describe music in one paragraph. I think I will fail.

HAHA, why do I like music? To quote Jimi Hendrix, music is like my religion. I must say that music should be fundamentally pure. For me, music is like everything. Music is not a feeling but it is an experience. Music causes enormous feelings inside of us all. I think we favor particular songs because of the way they always make us feel. Next, it creates a state of mind that is directly connected to it’s environment. I think as a DJ/Producer our connection is considerably (Unexplainably more different than others.) If you want to feel the true magic, then be a headliner. We have the greatest connection with the audience. This creates a connection with people from all parts of the world. Music does not discriminate between race, color, or religion.  Most importantly, music is a way to express ourselves. Although that phrase of, “art is a way for an artist to express his self,” that phrase has gotten old and rather is highly misunderstood. It is not just the message contained within the lyrics, it also includes pure sounds. Between the lows and the highs if you feel it then you already know, pure sounds contain energy that is powerful enough to cause a change within emotions. Lyrics + sound= message, which we hope is mainly positive. On stage, that is where you really feel this connection with the massive. It is an unidentifiable experience, but so it is the same with the crowd. If you have never been to a party, then you can’t explain how the DJ makes you feel when he totally kills it. When we hit our moment of a 100% positive emotions we feel a certain form of bliss or a higher state of euphoria, at that moment none are seperate from one another but the magical moment of unity. We feel the same emotions, it feels as all are doing their part to create a level of Heaven on Earth.


Everyone’s life has plenty of stress, so I am sure there are struggles with being a DJ and a producer, what are the differences between the two? So what is the down side of being a DJ and what are the difficulties of producing?

Personally I have been a DJ since 2001, but as a producer, it has been around 8 years. In my opinion, you have more opportunities when you are producer, you grow not just more with knowledge but the speed that you absorb new information is increased as well. In addition to that, you will be more valued economically. But, an interesting fact many people may not know is that there are great DJ´s who don´t make any music at all, and great producers who don´t know how to play.

To repeat myself about an obvious fact of life, we all have crazy stories, can you entertain us with an odd story such as when Karlixx was spinnin in Spain and the ceiling fell down?

Uff! There are so many histories… Hehe!

One of these could be when we were locked in the backstage some minutes before the show. The artist who was playing before us, had to extend his set while he waited on us. We were calling out and hitting the door for about 15 mins until someone heard us and opened up the door so we could perform in a reasonable fashionably late sense of way. Maybe they were eagerly anticipating us cause of our tardiness, LOL!

Two part question. First, what who has been your major influence?

In the beginning of the interview I said that we are influenced by Hip-hop and Reggae. Just listen to some of our tracks and you can tell that style laid the foundation of our style. But at the same time, I know that any true lover of music has many influences, so in addition to the MCs there is an obvious reason to point out the electronic side of it all. If you have never heard of, “Roni Size, Goldie, Propellerheads, Freestylers, DJ Hybrid, Noisia, State of Mind, up into Black Sun Empire,” then I suggest to check them out. Start with Black Sun Empire, Blue Sky Black Death.

Second part, what beneficial things do you receive from the crowd, friends, and fans?

Well, fans are as equally as important as friends. Fans trust in your music while your friends trust in you. One of the main things is that all this, the events up until now, was a natural occurrence. All of these people have taken a natural liking towards what we do so I don’t think that we can disappoint anyone. I have undergone the experience of wanting to only please and never disappoint anyone. That type of thought process can play tricks with your mind. Let the natural course go and follow it with ease. Good comments about our music are always something to take pride in. However, at the same time, all of us should learn to accept criticism and learn from it. This so called criticism is an opinion that can have some facts behind it but it is more difficult to handle because you are no longer hearing what you want to hear.

Sometimes the little wars that the DJs have can help us to be better. Maybe this is some unspoken things that no one has mentioned. Now I play with a lot of friends and it is all peace and love, but no man can truly alleviate competition from your mind. Example, if I hear a good hit from a friend, then it motivates me to make one better. Inspiration manifests itself in infinite different ways. In many ways this invisible DJ mental war has helped me to grow from a good DJ into a talented producer.


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