Between 7th and 10th of August 2014 BoomTown Fair opened their magical doors for the sixth time. BoomTown Fair is a music, arts and family festival that takes place at the Matterley Estate near Winchester, Hampshire. But the town itself looks as though it’s from another planet. The magic of Boomtown is indescribable, it is really hard to put into words but trust me it is definitely BOOMING!!!!!


“Explore Our World” is the slogan of BoomTown Fair, there is a lot to explore at the festival.This was my first festival in the UK and there is a big difference between the festivals I am used to in Holland. The entire festival is divided into sections, each section is a separate town and has its own theme. Each town is unique in its music, arts and acts.



There is nothing anywhere as crazy as what you will find in BoomTown. For example there is a funeral, wedding, post office, cinema, even a slide for the young and old and there are phones you can use to call the different towns. The giant robot spider Arcadia, made from jet engines and military helicopters is immense. When it is not shooting lasers, it shoot flames 30ft into the air all while you dance the night away underneath it. There is so much more to explore, a house where you can play pool, table tennis and a roller skating house and many many more things to discover. The decoration is incredible, all made to look so lifelike, you truly become immersed in the environment.



I have to admit the line-up is out of this world, the first day we were treated to the Wailers. There were so many more good bands, DUB FX, MS Dynamite, NOFX, Shaggy and UK Allstars.
Here are some of the best DJ’s at BoomTown Fair: Benny Page, Black Sun Empire, Dub Phizix & Strategy, Dub Smugglers, Eats Everything, Ed Solo, Mungo’s HI-FI, Optiv & BTK and Zed Bias, the list goes on.



You can go for the artist and the music but what I loved the most was all the different people that I saw at the festival. So many people with cool costumes, that truly makes the atmosphere of the festival so much better. Also the performances with their actors are unbelievable, you can see they put a lot of energy into it. Really everyone is going to love all the theatre and acting. Sometimes it was nonsense but that is why most of the time it is so funny.



If you want to go to an incredible fantasy themed magical festival with a huge line-up go to BoomTown Fair next year. They are already counting down for Chapter 7 * it is from 13th till 16th of August 2015

Lak Mitchell – Creative Director & Co-Founder – BoomTown Fair

We are all left in total bewilderment…did that just happen?? Wow!! The creativity, unity and energy from so many like-minded people at this year’s Fair was simply mind blowing!! What we created between us exceeded all expectations and took the world of interactive festivals to a completely different level!! A huge, massive thank you to the 1000’s that helped bring this crazy story to life, bring on Chapter Seven!


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Photos: Jody Hartley Photography


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