Spot the Dot presents a collection of unique art prints all donated by renowned artists from Austria and The Netherlands.

Since in May there is the Worldwide Melanoma Awareness Month as well as the Euromelanoma Week, EuroMelanoma Day on May 6, Huidkankerdag on May 21 etc, we figured it’s a good reason to boost skincancer awareness by offering anyone the chance to support us by buying a unique artprint. Mark this date in your Facebook Calendar!

The founder of this campaign, Marije Kruis, worked several years together with street artists such as Nychos and his Rabbit Eye Movement. She is lucky to be surrounded by very talented (street) artists, graffiti artists, illustrators and photographers who made a custom design to support her campaign. On this day we will show you the great works of Frau Isa (The Weird), I Met Lucy, Florian Lierzer, Michael Pasterk, Megasingi, Bernhard Kettner, Jukebox Cowboys, Miriel Zeiner, Eva Staber and Chris Versteeg (Lastplak). They all offered their support by donating a unique design to Spot the Dot which will be available for you to buy starting May 6!

We hope to motivate people to raise awareness of melanoma and other types of skin cancer by selling these art prints. “The art prints are great as a gift or wall art, but most importantly they can function as a conversation starter to encourage others to do self-exams for early detection of skin cancer.” -Marije.

Spot the Dot is completely run by volunteers, but from time to time we run into costs to keep the campaign going and some funding seemed required. 35-50% of the price people pay for the art prints (on May 6 launched (excl.shipment costs) will go to Spot the Dot directly.

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Opening: 6 May

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