Jonathan LeVine Gallery is pleased to present Conclusions, a series of new works by Brooklyn-based artist RIME in what will be his debut solo exhibition in New York City.

RIME has over twenty-five years of experience in graffiti and is recognized as an esteemed artist with adventurous style. Influenced by cartoons and his outlandish life experiences he is an idiosyncratic storyteller, allowing improvisation to guide his brush and narratives. Through his application of bold colors and graphic line work, RIME’s multilayered compositions burst with a sense of frenetic energy that mimics the wildstyle work he’s created in the public for decades.

Social relationships are the main source of inspiration for RIME’s work. By combining an assortment of unique symbols, text and characters, he communicates erotic, dysfunctional and humorous stories taken from his everyday life. This autobiographical process allows RIME to emotionally invest in every piece, making the finished canvas true even if exaggerated.

For Conclusions, RIME has shifted the focus away from his recognizable cartoon characters in exchange for a painterly approach concentrated on figurative abstraction. He describes, “Starting with an empty space to paint, each stroke is thrown down unapologetically; influencing what follows. Beginning with aggressive and abstracted compositions that most often create the structure for an energetic open-ended story. The work created here is done in an effort to exercise gut instincts in the painting process, allowing fate and circumstance in as an excuse to try out odd shit without being afraid.”  


RIME (a.k.a. Jersey Joe) was born in 1979 in Brooklyn where he is currently based. He began painting graffiti at the age of twelve in Staten Island and spent his teenage years developing his skills and creating his own brand of characters. By 2003 he had earned international recognition under the handles “Rime” and “Jersey Joe.”  In 2005, RIME moved to Los Angeles and joined the graffiti crew MSK, as well as the artists’ collective The Seventh Letter. He has exhibited in cities around the world, including solo shows at Galerie Wallworks (Paris) in 2014 and 2015.
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529 West 20th Street
February 20 — March 19, 2016
Opening Reception: Saturday, February 20, 6—8pm

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