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3 March – 14 March
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 10:00-13:00h and 14:00-19:00h
Saturday from 14:00-19:00h.

Seth celebrate in that exhibition his twenty years of painting in the street and pays tribute to those early years in the heart of Parisian graffiti movement.
In the mid-90s, it is in the wasteland of the twentieth district and brownfield suburbs, Seth built his style and sharpens his technique. Paint was then just a way to excel, to tame the city and to live his passion with other kids hungry for adrenaline and glory at a time when street-art did not exist.

Characters hooded teenagers bombs in hand, accumulation of throw-up, brick walls daubed in her exhibition “Tribute”, Seth takes us to the heart of his experience. With poetry that characterizes his work, he shares the fascination he has had and still has for graffiti culture.

By working on some pieces with his friends writers of that time, Disco, Bears, Babs UV.TPK, Nasty, Clone, He offers us an authentic vision of this movement that balance between sharing and competition.Seth at work Seth

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Gallery Geraldine Zberro

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