With “Tiempo de Brujas” Sara Sanz proposes a journey through the world of Santeria, pagan
rituals and black magic guided by those mysterious women able to heal and curse, see the future
and invoke demons. In this exhibition, the artist explores her personal vision of beauty, the source
of our ghosts and the way in which they terrify us and seduce at the same time. With a very
recognizable and marked style by the spirit of pop surrealism, Sara Sanz flees the peaceful and
innocent beauty to represent an attractive approach that first invites us but then drag us to the
terrible. Present throughout his work, the contrast between the sweet and sinister ­so
characteristic of Lowbrow­ is especially relevant in this series of paintings where animals
accompanying the protagonists become in totems that conceal their true nature and scenarios on
projections its interior. The airbrushing technique used for the works of “Tiempo de Brujas” helps
underscore the unsettling atmosphere with a somewhat floaty, ethereal finish. Unlike other artists
who also represent oversized eyes, the eyes of Sara Sanz’s characters neither stand out his
human side nor open a window to intimity, but on the contrary, they hide inside for compel us to
look the dark element that we sense behind them. With this reflection, the artist proposes to
explore the side of life that usually we avoid, remove the cloths to our ghosts and hold his gaze
our fears to discover that, perhaps, we can enjoy them.

Sara Sanz -Pentagrama Sara Sanz - Que me quiera, que lo quiera. Sara Sanz - Circe


Combustion Espontanea Gallery

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