I think that those who love music and are successful at producing it, such as yourself will understand that every breathe that you have been taking has been listening, watching, dreaming, thinking, and studying music. So just drop it! The impossible answer, what is the definition of music? And how can your mind connect to your hands to touch people’s souls on the dance floor?

Basically, for me music is life and life may be music. I mean music can be everywhere, just prick up your ears to anything and if you like what you listen to, you can name it music even if you’re the only one to think that.


I feel that there might be something from birth determining our talents. I feel some people are born and programmed like a robot, like a fate we can’t turn away from. What was the major force or influence that had naturally made you adapt to being a music addict? What has made you the Salaryman that we know today?

To be honest, I don’t believe in fate, destiny, innate talent or anything that make believe that any human being has part or whole of his life determined from the beginning. Of course, there are many influences that you can’t control which can turn your life upside down. For instance, I grew up in a family where music was very important, which certainly explained why I’ve chosen a musical career years ago. I learned violin, piano and trumpet from the early age of 6 years old. So logically I should have signed up for a classical career. But no way, I’ve just been fed up with this music (I’m still nowadays) especially when I discovered Dance Music in the mid 90’s.

Something happened in either 2007 or 2008. You began getting noticed as an up an upcoming artist…what the F@#$ happened? A miracle? What exactly happened that made you blow up?

I actually had quite a semblance of a musical career as I started DJing in 2002. But serious things came along when I got down to production in 2006. Basically, the thing that made it possible was that I bought a computer at that moment (about time!). Also a few friend producers helped introduce me to the wide world of production. Then a few years later I signed my first tunes.

You have been a DJ/Producer with RAM Records, Infrared, ProgRam, Technique , Fokuz, and Citrus. I want to know about the pressures and difficulties of working for record labels, being on tour, meeting deadlines, and other stressful things. I want to hear about the negative side.

I may answer quickly : the negative part is almost inexistent. Well, it’s not exactly that easy, but the truth is not that far. For me, the most difficult task is to deal with yourself. I mean, even if you work for labels, promoters or so, it’s rather partnership and at the end of the day you’re your own boss. So it’s all about how you want to manage your life, and trust me, that’s not an easy thing! Anyway, keep in mind that as long as you have fun with producing music, you’re on a good way for having great tracks done.

I have no choice but to ask you, can you recreate what an amazing night is like? Can you tell us how it feels to be this large respected man on stage? Also, what do you feel is your relationship with the crowd?

I definitely love playing in parties since day one. I’m just doing my best for catching people’s attention with music, without actually doing what they may exactly expect from me. Also, I’m trying to have some kind of story to tell: starting with a style of D&B, then switch to another one, then another, then maybe go back to the first one, then turn into something harder… There are so many possibilities!

Now about you! What have been your favorite accomplishments?

I hope my best accomplishments are ahead, and hopefully it will be. I’m not allowed to say more about it but expect big news soon!

You have a radio station, can you tell me about it? Do you have a record label and can you give me the history about that and some info about the artists on the label?

I ran many shows these past years, first in French then in English. Unfortunately I don’t have much time for this nowadays as production takes almost all of my time. But I still wanted to have some kind of show to play tunes I like and showcase some solid new or forthcoming stuff. That’s why I started a monthly podcast 2 years ago which I upload on my Soundcloud. And by the way, the latest episode has just landed!

My next question and it would be an honor if you did it, ask yourself a question and answer it. Although only Krak in Dub has done it, please ask me a question.

Hey Salaryman, fancy a beer?

-Of course my friend, but a Belgian one please.


Freedom! Give a message to the world! Anything music, God, Politics and/or War! Inspire someone or something fight corruption.

I’d love talk about Geopolitics but be sure that it would take a while before having my mouth shut, haha! So basically, let’s say: be careful and stay focused, the ones that try to change your mind are almost every time the ones that will benefit from this change.


Vinyl or digital…and why?

May I say both? Vinyl for the collection, digital for the gigs


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