Ok, normally we have an introduction. Can you describe yourself? What was the little baby Khristina like? Many people have been influenced by their parents, so what has been your musical history?

First of all, thank you very much for the interview. I find it difficult to describe myself. Personally I consider myself quite demanding with myself, to be honest and sincere. I always try to do things as best as I can. I’ve always said that if you do something in this life, do it well. Otherwise don’t bother.
There were lots of musicians on my dad’s family side, and my brother used to play in a rock band. I’m not sure if this had an influence on me. Personally I don’t think so, but maybe it could really be in my genes.


Honestly, you are the first woman DJ I have interviewed. And well, I wish there were more of you, but let’s be honest, you are rare. Just to be straight forward, do you think there is any difference from being a female DJ? Are you treated any different?

Nowadays there are plenty of female DJs that play drum and bass and every day the number is growing.
As per my personal experience, I must admit that women get treated differently. Some people think that just by being a woman we do get more opportunities to perform. Maybe due to our appearance or maybe due to any other stupid reason. In my case it hasn’t been like this. Nowadays there isn’t as much gender discrimination as in the past, although it’s still very alive.
A woman has to make a bigger effort to earn people’s respect. And not just in the music industry but also in the labor market. Personally I must admit that I’ve suffered gender discrimination myself, and I’ve had to listen to words that no male DJ would ever do. Even if we both are doing the same job.

What does music do to you? What does music mean to you? Some people do not get it. They don’t understand how much we have taken in music into our hearts. With poetry, what does music mean to you?

For me, music is life. I do not perceive a world without it. It is scientifically proven that music has the ability to heal people and to change their moods.

Personally, I love drum and bass, it has the ability to give me sensations that other styles do not. When I listen to a song it is like the beauty of it becomes arms that wrap their self around you and keep you on an edge. Certain melodies and sounds can cause an irresistible tremble within you so much that you have no choice but to love him, like it is a person. That is the transition of music to your mind. It causes sensations and feelings.
I have not always heard this kind of electronic music though. Before discovering DnB, I heard other musical genres such as: Rock, metal, nu metal, etc. let’s say I am diverse.

Although it may be difficult to choose 2 or 3. What have been your favorite achievements as a DJ? How does it occur? Are you looking to produce in the future? What are your goals for the future?

The truth is that when I started DJing, did not think it would go this far. At the same time, it is not like I have achieved a lot, but more than I expected. There are 10 years of experience behind these words..

When I was 19 when I moved towards the Valencia underground scene thanks to the support of many people and especially from my brother, who first showed me this musical style. He helped me financially to buy some decks with which to practice with at home.

About music production? I have already done some. I tried to learn production and I have had much fun with it. In fact, some tracks are still circulating on the net…these things I did years ago. But, I feel I will ever produce again.

About my future goals… the truth is that for me, this is just a passion or a hobby. I don’t know if I will get very far, or if it will stop tomorrow. These things come and go. Plus I also have a job. I’m an interior designer and hopefully I will be even more successful at this than at DJing. I expect to prosper more than working in the world of the night.


Vinyl or digital? Why?

When I started DJing, I started on the traditional vinyl. Two technics and a mixer. Today, there are many different things that you can learn. From my point of view, learning will be facilitated much when DJing. I do not dislike the use of controllers or software combined with CD or vinyl. Personally, I see many advantages to digital DJing. Digital music is much more economical and it allows you to more quickly and smoothly make mixes, get cues, do loops,

Most DJs have a nice story about cops, overdoses, getting locked in their dressing room. Give me a crazy fucked up story.

I do have one of these stories if not more. I was playing in a club in Valencia called Flow. I don’t think it’s open anymore. At least not under that name. They used to throw pretty wild parties every Thursday back then. I was playing one of those nights and basically I kept turning off one of the turntables as I was hiting it with my elbow without realizing it. And I was like… What’s going on? And suddenly I realized that I basically was fucking it up all by myself.
But that’s not all of it. Suddenly a security guard came up to me and turned the fader down abruptly. I was pretty pissed off with myself at that point so I just shouted at him, “What are you doing? Why!” And he just shouted back: “Fire, Fire!!” They had to evacuate the club. I only managed to play 3 or 4 tracks. But in the end it was ok. It was just a smoke extractor that got set on fire and no one really got hurt.


How do you stay motivated? Also, what is your advice for future upcoming artists?

My motivation basically comes from my passion for music. Playing in a club full of people motivates me and makes me exicted. But for someone that enjoys DJing I also do it at home and still end up going a bit crazy.
I try to be up to date with the new music that is coming up out there. I listen to lots of sets from other artists and lots of productions of some friends that they sometimes give away for free.
My advice for future artists is to not let yourself let the critisism used by the system control what you play. Today if you play vinyl you are very professional. If you play CDs you are a professional too, but not as much. And if you use a controller… even less. I think, on a personal level, that times change, and that new technology comes up to help people on a daily basis. So whatever system you use, just use it well. Just make sure that whatever you want to express, you manage to get it accross. Be it for yourself or for your public.


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