So what was the Genesis that created your love of music or the birth of your wish to be a DJ/producer?

Obviously I always loved music, but my passion about it began when I started partying. I found Techno and I was crazy about this style of music, so I decided to start playing it. I bought my first turn table and Techno vinyls when I was 16. At this time I started to learn more and research about how to be a better DJ. From the beginning I played Techno for a few years.
Later, in some raves I listened to some Drum and Bass and Jungle and I got so fascinated by this style that I left techno behind and I bought vinyls to start playing this new style. With this change, Dubwise Selektah was born, and honestly, it sounded better than Kase (my original name)! Nowadays Kase is just how my friends know me, it comes from my surname Casellas.

What is your theory about music?

Basically, I think passion about music is like passion about something else. There are some people that just like cars and others that love it, so music is similar. Some people like music and just listen to it to be entertained and other people have a natural feeling to be much deeper into it, such as producers, DJ’s, and other musicians. We don’t just like music, we feel music in a totally different way, and we feel that it must be a part of our life!

Although it has taken some time for Jungle and Drum and Bass to grow to the point to which it has reached today, why does it seem like there is a current BOOM in Spain at the current moment?

It’s a difficult question. I agree with you that Jungle is growing up but I don’t think it is happening all so very suddenly. Basically, it showed up almost at the same time that Drum and Bass entered into our world. Drum and Bass started as a new fashion and then it transformed into Jungle. It’s true that Barcelona is different compared with the rest of Spain. Nowadays in Barcelona it is almost impossible to fill up a club with a Jungle party. The current boom is a really a hard style such as Hardtek, Frenchtek, and Reggaetek. But for the rest of Spain, it is different; there are some good Jungle Clubs in Madrid, Granada, Sevilla, etc. However, we can talk about the Jungle boom in Spain if we mean producers. There are many Spanish Jungle producers doing a really good job in Spain and in the rest of Europe.

I would like to know about some of your past deeds or accomplishments. Also, are you affiliated with anyone or promoted with any organizations?

I don’t really know how to exactly give you a perfect impression of me. But, of course there are many things that make me feel proud of myself and it is those things which push me up to keep going further and further. I have mixed in some popular clubs such as Rude Klub in Granada, Miniclub in Valencia, Mama Mandawa in Barcelona, and etc. These Clubs are not the biggest ones in Spain but it they were really important for me. I have also mixed at some Spanish Festivals like Selvatek in Tarragona and Loves Jamaica in Valencia.
On the other hand, if we talk about productions, I have to thank my really good friend Ganja Burn Fyah from Toledo. I feel that we made some crazy remixes together and I am really proud of that.
I also made a remix with a Mexican producer named, “Enjoy Tribe Monster.” It was so nice as well. Currently, I am preparing two new remixes with Mothsystem from Cordoba, you will see the results as soon as possible.
As far as other organizations,yeah, sure. I belong to One Shot Sound Collective, we are like a small family and we support each other. Lately, we are more concentrated about productions than being in the clubs or parties. I also was one of the first people to take part with Break Koast bookings. I really like this label, and they are growing up so fast and doing such an awesome job. I am so proud to be a part of this organization.

So obviously, yes! This is an interview, and always wish them to be interesting and creative, but this question will give to all DJs/producers, have you had any interesting stories regaurding cops, trouble, anything interesting at all?

To be honest, I don’t really have a bad experience about Police or something like that. I can tell you about a really stressful situation; it was about two years ago. My good friend Edgar Asecas invited me to play in Valencia. Ok, I finished my job in Barcelona (my home town), and then I had to take two trains to get in Valencia which takes 3 hours to get there. Like a normal Spaniard, I was late to take the firs train so I missed it and of course I could not take the second one at the right time neither. Time was against me and I was still in Barcelona thinking how to get to Valencia. It the end, I found another train two hours later and I took it. I arrived to the party five minutes before it started. So, I was so very lucky.

Here is your moment to say anything that you want to the world, use the power of words to give a message.

Ok, I am not gonna talk about music, I am going to take advantage of this interview to talk about a shameful situation that it is actually happening: Europe’s immigration crisis.
No single nation can solve this problem alone. EU leaders must agree towards a comprehensive plan that deals with the underlying root causes which must include: taking on the trafficking gangs and put in place an efficient, but yet humane asylum system that can shelter the burden shared across all states and protect all the vulnerable children. As of today, it is not like this, “It’s basically every country for itself now.” While national capitals and EU institutions point fingers at each other, thousands of migrants die while trying to cross the Mediterranean, and thousands more live in terrible conditions, deprived of their most basic human rights. Refugee settlements in Calais, or those on the Greek island of Lesbos, should have no place in a developed world. Let alone in Europe, which prides itself in being a champion of democracy and human rights. Europe should be ashamed to see children dying on our doorstep.” In a damning assessment of an European wide response to the migrant crisis, I would have to say that this crazy situation really piss me off!


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