First of all how did you choose your name? I know that a name is an important thing so where did it come from?

It all first started with a girl. She liked to call me Vini, & I liked it!
As well as adding to my foundation, I use to listen to a lot of Reggae/Dancehall. I have always liked the idea of focusing on the selection or choosing some heavy tracks that respect each other’s harmony while being mixed by me as a DJ!

And it so it goes like Viniselecta!

Why do you like Jungle? It has a strong message, why do you like the protesting and the message? Also, what is more important, the beat or the message and how does the combination of these two make you feel?

I really love Jungle music cause it mixes lots of different kinds of music. If you haven’t realized it yet, pay more attention to its fundamental influences. For example you can’t miss the hip hop, and Reggae/Dancehall. And as far as the message goes, it is nothing but the powerful message of Peace, Love & Unity, as well as protecting our basic rights!

As far as the beat and the message, I would say that definitely both are equally important! Beats call the youth ears so the message can be shared! While I am the selector, giving people this music makes me feel real and alive. This music pushes me in a good way! I think you should know that I’m also a studio & live sound engineer, DJ & drummer, and so, I give all my life to music!


What are your main influences? From the beginning what made you get started?

Guess the love of bass pushed me to start out as a drummer. I was totally influenced by the early days of Jungle with Shy FX, Bran G, DJ Hype! I was so crazy the first time I heard UK Apache & Shy-FX – Original Nuttah!

How do you make this shit? I am a fan obviously, but explain how do you do it? How do you produce a song? How long does it take?

It really depends on the vibe. Sometime it starts with a sample, sometimes with a drum beat that I have made. This is mood altering stuff, so sometimes I can start with a melody in my head, or just with a bass sound. I can make a track in 1 day, or sometime it takes a week…Personally I love the tracks that I make quickly, it is like the track must be like this, and you can’t control it! Sometimes it works, sometime not 😉

What type of equipment do you use?

It depends on where and who I’m composing with. I’ve been on Logic for 20 years now 😉 but I can produce on FL studio, Live, Reason, and Protools as well!

As I have my own studio with other sound engineers in Paris, I can work on Moog Voyager, Bass Station, Juno 106 for Synth, and on good hardware EQ & Comp like Pultec, Neve, Ssl, ect…but it really depend on the vibe. As a DJ, I work on vinyl turntables with Traktor and an Akai pad.

Explain to me a crazy story. I know we all have them. Cops, drugs, anything, I want to know.

I remember we were playing a live Drum & Bass set with my mate U.Stone at a big roots club in the country side of Brittany.

There were 2 rooms, a techno room & a Jungle/D&B room that was crowded with Ravers. But for some reason the club had to close for an hour from 6 to 7 am (legal problem I think). All of the Ravers stayed for an hour outside in the car parking lot as if they were at a big festival!

During that time, we talked with other artists, and decided to make a big electronic live set with U.stone, 69 DB, and Crystal Distortion in the Jungle room! It was so crazy that all the ravers piled into our room!

And after I that I didn’t wanna go back home 😉


About the past, present, and future, what have you done? Whom had you worked with and what are your future plans?

I’ve studied every aspect of music that I could within the past 20 and I am still learning. So you can imagine that selecting and creating would be my constant past, present, and future…but seriously, as a Junglist I’ve put out about 30 releases on different labels (some of them don’t exist anymore), like Kinkybeats, Nu Urban, Step Express, Dubwise Station rec.

I used to work with producers like U.Stone, Aries, Krak in Dub, Djam / Junglist Posee, Fokus, Four Corners crew, Pitch In (Dirty Phonics), Mr Casual…and with some singers/Mc like Parly B, Blackout Ja, DA Fuchaman, Mc A.M’N, Fu-Steps, Jamie Irie, Jahcall, Tawain Mc…

Now, I’m gonna release new tracks I made with artists like Fokus, Veak and with my side project called Rewind Culture (with Djam / Junglist Posee) on Nu Manic Jungle, Dubwise Station, Bkoast rec., and another big UK label (but I can’t tell much about it)

Give a message to the world and shout outs?

Big respect to all Artists I collaborate with, to all Junglists who share this wicked vibe, who organize events, light & sound engineers, all the people who work on events, the audience, and all the people who make this music live & grow!”


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