First, I will ask you an impossible question to answer. What is the power of music?

It is hard or maybe better yet should I say that it is difficult for me to see the negative power of music. I think in general, music arouses something positive within people. A musician is nothing short of a magician. It is made for this reason. Those words are impossible to experience within just one statement because it is better to be felt. Music helps you to find another dimension that only you can live in. Music creates a relationship between the artist and their fans. Music can be both shared and at the same time it can be a secretive unexplainable experience for the individual.

I believe that the artist just goes along with his emotions and expresses his self. Even classical music contains a message even though it is composed 100% of sound; you can still feel emotions that are both positive and negative while only hearing just sound. I believe we have all experienced a moment like this. If aliens came to planet Earth and never had heard music, we could not explain what music does deep down inside of us.

But unfortunately, along with the good comes the bad. It is a fact that there has been music that has been made with hateful messages or barely ethical values. All in all, when you compare all of the messages contained with music, I most definitely consider the negative side to be plentiful, yet more rarer than anything else. Simply put, the positivity of music outweighs the negativity of music.


So what is the true meaning of being a DJ? What do you do for the people?

DJs have the capacity and ability to make music which transmits something. And I believe that it normally doesn’t transmit negative vibrations on positive minds. Music generally generates a positive vibe because I think most of us have positive minds, so that is why people embrace music so easily. Music should be based upon peace and love.

Maybe the most negative aspect remains around the message provided to the masses. It is well known to the public that music has been used to speak to people all around the world. These messages have stood as powerful teachings and preachings. There are many songs or albums that have encoded hidden symbology. Thus knowing that, there is not a specific industrial command for music, many artists have broken the basic moral and ethical codes that should exist. People have taken the idea of freedom too far and do not understand that there are unspoken rules we should be following.

At the same time, those types of messages are linked to corporations which are trying to control a multi-national global form of thought. A well known case is MKULTRA. Maybe you have not heard about it, but if you have not then I invite you to investigate a little bit about it.

I think that music has such an enormous power that it simply has to be experienced rather than try to explain it. If I knew every language of this planet, I could not find the words to explain accurately what power music holds or what it means to me. As for the positive and negative aspect of it, it simply depends on how you use it. My wish is that the majority of the musicians of this world do it for love and joy. Let God lead your mind and simply entertain the people.

For the longest time I have heard about music containing energy but I have never truly understood it. What does energy contained within the music mean?

If we talk about the energy found within the music, for me, it contains the capacity to express feelings through sounds and lyrics. Tell me about a person who has never felt like flying through the air or melting in your seat when you hear an amazing song? That simply doesn’t exist because we have all had that experience more times than we can count. We have all had that moment.

Music can be like listening to Heaven on Earth. How many times have you heard a song and felt that that song was written just for you? That song made you forget about all of the pain and suffering of the world and you reached a place that only you could go to deep within your mind. Maybe every time you hear that song you want to dance because it adds energy down deep into your soul and makes you feel alive. That is the energy of music.

The power of music is that you can make many people feel the same emotion at the same moment. That is an incredible power that is used for a positive matter, or maybe I should say SHOULD be used only for good. If this was an unspoken rule, let it be now known.

I feel that when we share this moment with others, it becomes a true party. Music plays a fundamental role in my life. When I was young, I discovered the immense power of music. It was like it took over my mind and body. At first, I just loved the music within myself. But next I started to see what music could do to other people. I could see the love of music within the youth. I can’t count how many times I have seen children dance in the middle of the street, a store, or a mall.

So after seeing what music could do to people, I just came up with the right heart and mind to entertain other people through music. Simply put, I wanted people to experience the joy that I felt. Now days, when I perform, I am in another dimension that is unexplainable. So I want them to feel the same way that I do. I want to share my joy with others.

Music can be considered to be an escape from the world. It makes you dream…almost of another planet or different sphere of reality. In short, this is medicine our souls. However, it is different when I produce. When I produce, I set free my creativity and my imagination. I have to focus more and the enjoyment is yet of another realm.

Explain to me about your musical tastes.

Reggae and Jungle are the genres which are well known to the people that I play in front of. But from my early years, I think I tried to listen to every form of music. I tried to experience everything from Hip-hop to Spanish rock. Oh, and please don’t exclude any form of electronic music. Maybe I am a late bloomer, but I was about 18 years old when I found Reggae music. I first heard Bob Marley, do you know that? But my heart grew 3 times bigger when I heard Jungle. Thus, that truly made me appreciate Reggae more.

Around 2002 I started to listen to D&B. I experienced all sorts of this genre until I got my own personal taste within it. I feel that there must have been something within my DNA at that time. Now I look back and feel that I must be serving God because this is what I need to do, there is doubt. Even my soul knows this is why I was put on Earth. The music simply possessed me. When you fall in love with something there are no questions because you have knowledge about your experience, simply put, I married Jungle. If a beat was a woman I would marry it. I was born for my position in life. I found what I love. It has been too easy to follow this path without many distractions.

From the beginning, I must say, that there were some very talented artists that created the fuel for my addiction. I suggest that if you have never heard these artists then do your research and check out Chase & Status. Along the way, these vinyls like, “Duppy Man,” by Chase and Status featuring Capelton’s lyrics, found their way into my hands. In addition, it was like, “Everyday,” from Shy Fx & T Power fell from the sky. These big black circles took me into my own black hole that I can’t come out of.

Some people are confused about the true message of Reggae music, so explain to me about the true meaning of this form music.

The vast majority of the messages taken out of Reggae music are empowering messages of love, unity, and peace. If you study the true history of Reggae music then you will find that in the 1950’s and 60’s, you could find that there were more protest songs concerning the Jamaican population fighting for their rights. I believe that today that that scar has almost been healed. But mainly, Reggae music has mainly been used to spread the message of Hail Selassie’s religious cult.

I would like to mention that many people initially associate Reggae music to be homophobic and sexist, or that they limit woman’s rights. I have to clear my throat and say those are lies. That is not the major message. I have another form of thought. Personally, I feel we must except that everything has a dark side to it but for the most part, this music is so very positive. Most of this genre is positive and most artists do not promote those negative values.

My main style has always been Jungle but there was moment that I decided to create an alter ego or aka to not play any music not related to Reggae or Jungle, hence the name, “Thick Smoke,” was born. He has worked happily for three years at Razzmatazz which is located in Barcelona.

Thick Smoke’s sets are contained with motivation from Trance, Ghetto Funk, and Breakbeat. Essentially, whatever is not involved within Karlixxs’ character. Being successful and having an alter ego makes it much more fun sometimes.

Tell me about how Karlixx got started?

My beginnings as a DJ, started as a painter would. Everything started on a pure blank canvas inside the Spanish scene. There was no one that was producing D&B sets at that time. In the beginning, the DJs and fans were disrespected for their views in this underground scene. I can’t exactly say why but in my opinion, people generally don’t accept change or our differences easily. Maybe that is why I like Reggae so much, because they are always willing to fight through words about what they believe in. Protests are necessary for our freedom both inward and outward. I feel that the world needs constant change and so at that time it was easy for me to embrace this new music, or maybe I should say way of life. When someone get’s music deeply rooted in their heart, it then becomes a lifestyle, and it truly helps define who you are. You can’t separate music from me unless you steal my soul. So this is like God’s calling for me. Nothing could have ever prevented me from starting to make mixed tapes which started around 2006.

If anyone is interested and wants to support the love of music, I do have a couple releases on the market.  Specifically, there is a Mexican label called Low Freq as well as my Sound Cloud. In the future I will have some works with my beloved Mooncat and Kursiva whom are a lighthouse upon the musical scene of the Jungle/Drum&Bass scene in Spain.


Tell me about the old school days.

I want to highlight the years that people seemed to respect the true talent of the DJs.  Those days are gone and things have changed so much since then. In the older days the DJs could never fake anything.  We had no assistance with sophisticated computer programs. Simply put, your hands demonstrated talent or lack thereof. Today, in order to make it into the heart of the music scene, you must be a producer. It is either that or get lost in the smoke.

I don’t consider myself an expert producer because I feel that I am realizing the smaller details of music production very slowly. Being a creator of the music requires a study of every detail and aspect of the music and I doubt most people are truly that interested in music as much as we are. In order to be a producer, you must be fascinated in everything forwards and backwards. Every high, every low is crucial to pay attention to. To me, the bass line is the obvious foundation and soul for DJs. At the current moment, I am still learning and I have been blessed with the experience of being surrounded by people who know much more about music than I do. So I feel I am a student of the drums and will always be. We must always be humble because we are always a student even when we are a teacher.

Take your time freely speak something about your life.

Being an active DJ has helped many of my tunes reach many people and as a result of this, I found out that Ed Solo had taken an interest in my music. At the current moment Mooncat and I have a production we are really working hard on. It will be released soon on Ed’s record label Jungle Cakes, along with another track with Kursiva & Mooncat. So please be patient because it’s release is underway right now!

Ed Solo and Jungle Cakes have always been a reference for me. It truly is an honor to have just one track with them.  I have always admired his talent demonstrated within his sets and productions. I have been doing my best these past few years to work with internationally respected artists whom I truly admire the most. Just to even meet Mooncat and work with him has been such an amazing experience to which words couldn’t paint a picture for. Mooncat stays in my playlist 24/7. I don’t have a hard time admitting that Mooncat is on my top 5 favorites now.

I have had many experiences similar to Mooncat. An example would be with Benny Page. I met Benny a few years ago when he was new to the Jungle scene. Honestly, I lost his number a few times. He has always positively supported me in my musical productions. It is a pity that I don’t live in the U.K. so we could spend more time together. Despite my poor English skills, we still maintain a great friendship. We share very similar musical tastes.  In fact, sometimes he asks me to send him some inspirational stuff when he is working on a new production. These experiences actually help me keep my energy level as close to 100% as I can maintain.


What is the most difficult situation that you have experienced? Then end it with a shout out to some of your family. Thank you Karlixx, not only was this a great interview, but it was an honor to interview you because you, Mooncat, Kursiva, Ed Solo, and Benny Page stay in my playlist 24/7.

I think if you ask anyone about a challenging situation, their mind automatically might draw a blank. Sometimes we have too many difficult situations. But the first thing that comes to mind was a night in Madrid. I was in the middle of my set and the whole entire ceiling fell on top of the crowd and a big cloud of dust covered the whole entire venue. Before my records could get destroyed, I quickly snatched them up. Records are like my kids. They should be protected at all times. Luckily none were damaged, but needless to say, the party was over. I have had many difficult encounters such as blackouts, police, and sound system failures

I will recommend some producers and some Jungle Djs whom are working hard. The artists that are worth mentioning: Kursiva, who is from Cordoba Spain. Boombass Brothers and Bassflexx, Fak Scratch from Seville, and Mooncat from Valencia are all highly impressive. There are others too like Markley, Freemind, Dubtime, and Pablo Dread.

I know I am missing names but these are the closest to my musical taste. But before is all said and done, I just want to say that my plans for the future are to keep enjoying doing what I like. From there I got some ideas of releasing a Reggae/Jungle album because there are none in Spain. There is a remarkable amount of talent here in Spain but no one is trying to own it. That is all the information that I can provide because we are in the middle of the project. If everything goes right, it will come out this year. And of course, I will continue making my sets. That is truly what makes me happy.



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