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Rachel K Collier – Nothing is Forever

Welsh singer-songwriter Rachel K Collier and London based DJ S.K.T collaborate to create a fresh and memorable track. ‘Nothing is Forever’ boasts a clean-cut combination of downtempo house, crisp vocals and faultless melody. Be sure to check out the track on Rachel’s upcoming EP Words You Never Heard on 23rd October!

Listen to the track on Soundcloud.


Felix Kröcher You Gotta

German DJ and Producer Felix Kröcher delivers a unique House track which features on Toolroom Amsterdam 2015. ‘You Gotta’ carefully layers a steady bassline, reminiscent electro melody and eerie vocals to give it a memorable edge.

Listen to the preview on Soundcloud

Get the full track on iTunes or Beatport


KlangKuenstler Adjust Me

KlangKuenstler also makes an appearance on Toolroom Amsterdam 2015. His upbeat House track ‘Adjust Me’ (featuring L.Muriel) was designed to keep the party going with its streamlined bass and alternating  instrumentals!

Listen to the preview on Soundcloud

Get the full track on iTunes or Beatport


Harrow & Heathens – Saison

Harrow & Heathens journey into the underground with their Deep House track. ‘Saison’ was crafted with precision and combines rolling instrumentals with an up tempo baseline. It makes another great addition to the Toolroom Amsterdam 2015 line up!

Listen to the preview on Soundcloud.

Get the full track on iTunes or Beatport


 Sleeperhold – Snapshot

Newcomer Sleeperhold brings intense energy to the dancefloor with his first ever release ‘Snapshot.’ The track layers a heavy bassline with rolling instrumentals, and delivers a classic Tech House vibe.

Listen on Soundcloud.

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