LSN ARTWORKFollowing Seven’s innovative ‘UA015’ release, Uprise Audio move forward breaking down yet more barriers with a project that has been in the works for quite some time: LSN’s Oblivion LP.

The ‘UALPS005’ LSN – Oblivion Album sampler delivers mind-blowing intent. LSN, show that there is still much to be discovered in bass music and in a period where things have been largely recycled and relabeled as new genres. No easy feat by any stretch of the imagination. The sampler is a perfect introduction to the works and shows enough of the brilliance without giving too much away, leaving much to be desired still from the up coming full works.

The album sampler consists of four tracks set for release in full on digital formats. Vinyl enthusiasts will be excited to know that 2-track 10” acetate dub plates will be available to order featuring Fear & Love and Stillness. These will be available exclusively from

Fear & Love needs no introduction. It’s a track that’s eagerly awaited and already very sought after amongst bass music buying enthusiasts. The sound design breathes innovation and class and showcases the dexterity within the group. LSN have concocted the perfect balance of elements, ranging from the catchy hook vocal, to the crisp percussive beats. The earth shaking bass line is the key feature though and leads crowds on the dance floor into a euphoric state, begging for the rewind!

Every so often a track emerges that literally takes the conventional rules of a genre and rewrites them. Stillness is one of those tracks, as it’s delicate build up, sublime vocals and intentions are poised from the moment the track begins. Simetra shines bright, showing us the depth of her vocal arsenal and making us fall in love with the sonic overtones she seems to just lay down so organically. The powerful dance floor infused twist in this beautiful piece mid way through shows again the incredible versatility of this super group. This simply isn’t just a must have track… it’s an essential!

LSN infuse their futuristic sound with current trends in dubwise following. That infusion is what gave birth to H.M.S. Death. It’s Lee Scratch Perry meets the terminator in a battle between tech and dub. The intro misleads, having a very cinematic edge to it, while at same the time hinting at a heavy approach with big drone reeses. The dub-influenced bass line rumbles together with lashing beats in the lush sonic tapestry which they create. This gives H.M.S. Death its full character, with sonically devastating effects. It’s one for the dance floor, a tried-and-tested smasher.

Ramping up the pressure even more and with D&B being the weapon of choice, LSN close the album sampler with NOW. Intricate groove patterns and clever drum work are the order of the day here and it’s stepped-out wizardry in its finest. Again LSN show so much versatility, delivering something fresh in an already very developed and saturated scene of artists. And NOW is surely set to linger in the crates/iPod of DNB fans and DJs alike, showing no let up in innovation as their track unfolds. It’s a perfect cap on a masterpiece of an album sampler.

Tastes buds are now salivating at maximum capacity, eager to taste rest of the tracks from this promising album. The Oblivion sampler is a clear indication of the level of talent within the group and of the illustrious career these guys are set for. A great introduction to the full works.

Catalogue Number: UALPS005
Release-date: March 2016
Format: Digital / 10 inch dubplate


  1. LSN – Fear & Love
  2. LSN – Stillness
    3. LSN – H.S.M.
    4.LSN– NOW

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