WU-TANG-CLAN-COVERXOHANA-MAGAZINEJudging from the long and tumultuous production of Wu-Tang Clan’s sixth and likely final album, A Better Tomorrow, it’s unclear how much the legendary rap group genuinely felt compelled to return after a seven-year absence. The record feels as if it exists mainly to give loyal fans one final, proper dose of Wu-Tang’s classic sound — and it succeeds mostly in style.

“You will hear some maturity in our thinking process,” RZA stated before pressing play on the 15-song album, which he said took two years to create. “It’s a very lyrical album — a lot of stories and vignettes of stories you’ll hear. And I think you’ll get a taste of New York flavor.”

A Better Tomorrow starts off with “Ruckus in B Minor,” a toss to Wu’s 1993 classic album cut “Bring da Ruckus.” The song starts with a posthumous vocal toss from the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard. “It’s the ODB kid, once again comin’ through your area,” he says with his familiar laugh.

The final track, “Wu-Tang Reunion,” is a fitting closer for the group, which reunited for the first time on an album since 2007′s 8 Diagrams.

“It ended with ‘Family Reunion’ because we feel Wu-Tang comes together — whether it’s us or our fans or people that ever had any inspiration from Wu-Tang — it’s a family reunion,” RZA explained. “We’re a rare breed on the planet Earth. I think over the years, I’ve come to realize that the people that you attract or attract you are somewhat part of your family because it’s a mind set — it’s a mindframe.”

Here is the track list to A Better Tomorrow:CD

1. “Ruckus In B Minor”
2. “Felt”
3. “40th Street Black / We Will Fight”
4. “Mistaken Identity”
5. “Hold The Heater”
6. “Crushed Egos”
7. “Keep Watch”
8. “Miracle”
9. “Preacher’s Daughter”
10. “Pioneer The Frontier”
11. “Necklace”
12. “Ron O’Neal”
13. “A Better Tomorrow”
14. “Never Let Go”
15. “Wu-Tang Reunion”


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