Traz with MEMORY in Athens Street Art Festival

Traz with MEMORY in Athens Street Art Festival

Stéphane Koyama-Meyer aka TRAZ, now in Athens, just finished his mural for Athens Street Art Festival, curated by Andreas C Tsourapas and a group of committed individuals who are guided by a passionate belief in the power of art.

With long experience in graphic design Stéphane Koyama-Meyer aka TRAZ, is using words and images to send his message. Transferring the positive and universal message that anyone can use, Meyer is trying to bring a touch of life and poetry into the streets. His intentions are that, through his work, inspire action, provoke thought and motivate change. Mixing the best of graffiti art and graphic design experience, he brings the small detail into the center of his interest. Stéphane Koyama-Meyer aka TRAZ lives and works in Basel, Switzerland.

The mural consists on a combination of the word “MNHMH” which means “Memory” in Greek with the colors that the Ancient Greeks used to decorate the Athenian Amphorae [Wine Vase]. The mural was painted in the Municipality of Drapetsona who has a significant historical background and the goal was to make a reference to the neighborhood’s rich history through colors, icons, and patterns from ancient Greece.

Athens Street Art Festival is a Non Profit, Non Subsidized, Non Governmental and All Volunteer Street + Urban Art Festival established and based in Athens, Greece attempting to promote Social Conscience and Action through Art. The Festival invites a series of exceptional artists and innovative thinkers committed to fostering awareness and education for social change. Through this collaborative effort, the group provoke new perceptions, broaden awareness and education and find creative solutions.

Since its establishment almost 10 years ago the Athens Street Art Festival lead and curated by Andreas C Tsourapas hosted more than 170 artists, and painted in 8 different Municipalities of Athens more than 25,000 m2 of Murals.…becoming one of the biggest festivals worldwide.