Luckily we’ve had the chance to meet RadicalArtworks, a Calligrapher on his way to the top of the chain.

Walking into his apartment comforts me immediately, hundreds of markers, drippers, calligraphy pencils and pens on top of his desk. Various typographic posters above and two cats staring me down top to toes.

Nick is described as a young artist wearing his hoodie and lots of creativity bursting from his appearance. Going into our interview he tells me about his life. Funny thing however, this guy didn’t actually do anything creative in his younger life.. the opposite of what I expected. He started as a pretty basic guy doing economy-orientated studies. A little bit later in his life he went to Sint Lucas, the same school me and the others at Ohana went to as well. 

This is where his creative life started.

So what happened! How did you get involved in this calligraphic industry?

Nick; Well, I think it was somewhere around the second year, this guy walked up to me with a can with a little bit of paint left inside and he told me it was mine and to do whatever I felt like doing with it. So of course, I immediately started tagging up some places until I emptied the can. Actually haven’t done anything after until a few months later this painted visited me again and asked me how it went. Long story short he took me to the Hall Of Fame in Eindhoven – De Berenkuil – and introduced me to other graffiti artists. A few months went by as Husky introduced me to more and more people and I got quite acquainted with the graffiti world.

During our interview I get thoroughly sniffed by two little fur balls. I feel quite at home I must say, it was almost as if I had just went to visit a friend.

I always had this urge to have every marker, pencil or pen out there so naturally I also got myself some calligraphy tools. So from there on my dirty looking graffiti work got overruled by a cleaner calligraphic approach. I always knew graffiti was just a hobby, but with his calligraphy I was starting to see the potential of actually making money in the future.

Alright alright, so what happened after that?

Well, I kept going and going and kept trying all kinds of different calligraphy styles. As soon as I started posting my calligraphy work to Instagram and other social media I got a taste of how people really thought about my art style.

They loved it, like after like and lots of positive messages, this intrigued me. Of course as a creative artist getting a lot of positive feedback gives a great motivational boost. Soon after some assignments rolled in and it kept going, from doing small and simple posters to bigger assignments.

Eventually several tattoo shops offered me a job but I stand where I stand, I don’t see myself as an illustrational artist, or anything in that direction, just a typographical artist and that is really all I cared for.

So where do you stand now?

Well, I’m currently studying graphic design at AKV st Joost. I really like to get to do this part of the creative industry as well, especially because of the software I get to use. And I think I really got the right mindset for it. There’s a lot of people telling me to have fun when you’re young and work when you’re older but I like to do it the other way around. If I work my ass of right now I would have lots of time left to live a little more when I get older.

And I really want to keep going, so for instance. After you leave, I couldn’t sit still for a single moment, I would probably start drawing again right away!

This guy has a lot in store so be sure to check him out!

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