Let "TASER" Shock You With His Wild Style

Let "TASER" Shock You With His Wild Style

Taser has been writing graffiti for more than 20 years. He currently resides in Spain but the people that know him will know “Meeting Of Styles”. I can’t give you a number of how many countries he has hit, but it has been more than Spain, Germany, and Italy. So go ahead and read on to be a little bit more enlightened about his works.

What is art whether it is for you or the whole broad world of art, what does it mean inside your mind?

For me, art is created, no matter what technique you use, but what comes out of it that is what is most important. Art for me includes many things and one of those things is graffiti. Graffiti is something that I’m in love with and will continue to do forever. For me this gives me my creative space, my individual bubble. Through this form of art I can laugh, mourn, feel joy, excitement, an adrenaline rush, find strength, and countless other forms of other sensations.

Art is everything that the imagination can conjure up which leads to the next stage of actually the true creation. There can be many stages. From the beginning, graffiti starts to take shape and form within our black books, I feel most of the times, by the time it hits the wall it has gone under further transformations. Art is the freedom to have an idea and then create it with various forms of colors and textures. It is more like go out and play and have fun playing.

And please, I want all artists to remember this, no matter what people say, the goal of art is to make sure that your outcome is satisfactory for yourself. It is great and wonderful if others like it, but don’t get stuck on pleasing others, you will loose yourself. If you like it when you create it on paper, just make it better and put it on a wall. keep this shit simple and don’t make yourself into a fuckin rocket scientist. Express what you mean and make what you mean to be a positive message. In my case, I express letters, puppets, sticks, and 3-D.

Graffiti is different than other forms of art, so can you separate it and talk about some specific features for us?
It is simple. Now I don’t consider changing my name to Webster any time soon, but I believe it is having some cans and one of them is in your hand trying to keep up with what the speed of the mind can dictate without catching any runs and preferably clean. A stick, an arrow, a line, fill, paint and paint and paint only. Pieces, characters, shapes, colors … And the result is a composition, solitary or in company, with an added satisfactory feeling of a nice wall. No need to be a philosopher or a scientist, put some paint on a wall while exercising much patience, because the wait will show good fruit.
Not only that, for me it is traveling. It is a great feeling when people from around your environment know and understand your graffiti. Another thing that I love is to paint with someone with whom you are surprised to paint with and to learn new methods and new perspectives.
How did you start? What were your main influences?
I Started in 2001. It all began in Alicante, Spain. It is easy to find influence all over the city, no art lover can take a long walk without finding their eyes super-glued to the walls and that was all I ever needed. Monkey see monkey do. I can honestly say that I feel that I was born to do this. There is an unspoken invisible but yet visible connection between our heart, eyes, brains, and walls. Walking through Alicante’s streets seeing tags, silvers, parts, and walls, there’s all the influence and motivation needed. You don’t need to force yourself to do any form of street art.  Also, yes it is hot right now, so don’t treat it as a fad, but a natural calling.

Started in 2001. Alicante was a city with lots of graffiti. Walking through its streets was seeing labels, silver pieces, walls. There are all the influence. But really, I started when I was in high school, in my classroom, there was a guy who was drawing all day everyday, thanks to him, I started to do the same. I looked for a name and I went to work. Following there, I started painting on the weekends. We would plan all week long and on the weekends we put it into action.I still have continued to paint but my friend did not. Perhaps after all, he might of quit because he was not an avid consistent painter.


What was the change of graffiti through the years? Where is he now?

People stop painting, for whatever reason, the years pass and the walls and parts disappear. Sometimes they are painted over. But to those who have endured the battle, thank you soldiers of the streets.

On the other hand, what I see is that many changes have happened and people stop feeling their love for art.

Here in my city, painting is fucking illegal, police have increased arrests. The cops, they want to get money, and the best way is to attack the graffiti artists. Personally, sometimes I paint illegally. But when I have time, I like to paint a silver.

And now, with all the social networks that exist, people like to find those spots and repaint them. Many of those spots have been abandoned and forgotten. New writers will show up and create new hall of fames.This has caused many discussions but only for a few weeks. Then everything returns to normal.

These writers have my respect, but for many years have passed, if you leave the game then you can not pretend that your name will be kept. We must always defend it.


Where do you see yourself in the future?

I will go to a wall and paint, LOL. Since I’ve been painting, nobody has sponsored me and neither have I looked. If someone comes to me or my group to offer a sponsor, I promise you they will be welcomed. I have no choice, I will just continue to paint. I will continue doing what I want and feel and be true to my style, my Wild Style. When someone likes something they just need to go for it, whether money, fame, sponsors, or whatever. The objective of my life is graffiti. And that’s I will continue to do while I’m alive.
What are some big projects you’ve done in the past? What are your current plans right now?
Well my most memorable moments are simple. I have enjoyed traveling, meeting people, and I have simply kept the love from the beginning, so really just painting is my accomplishment. Maybe I should say painting and being appreciated is the best thing. Making presentations about my canvases, prints, and paintings are mos def a contribution for my enjoyment.

I’m preparing two exhibitions right now. A solo on the caps that I have been doing for a while now. NY cap representing the NBA teams. I have very little time to be prepare for it and I can not wait. And then another exhibition is my partner and brother INCA EDS. Preparing forward too.

Can you give some tips and tricks … anything for future artists … how to make a mop NY thing to help increase the talent?

I do not consider myself to be a person who can give advice to someone. I am not an example of anything. All you need is to have perseverance and devote your time to what you like and by doing that; I think you can get the result you want when you do what you like. Above all, keep an open mind and have your own style while you learn much from others too.

One day, the police came looking for me at my house, but I was not there. The odd thing was that they were not there to accuse me of any wrong doing, they just wanted to talk to me. But it turned out to be a lie. Any writer has to know better than that. Do you think I really believed the cops wanted some fuckin tea and a biscuit? Nope! Everything was a lie just to get me into a cell due to paint a bus. All this drift happened in the city of Alicante. What happened was the police created an anti-graffiti unit that wanted to kill us all. Oddly enough the reason for this was to raise money to keep the city clean. But now, everything calmed down and we can continue painting again. They can not and will not beat us. Fuck the police !!

Thank you very much for this interview, my crew, EDS, and I send you a big hug. Satan protects OHANA MAGAZINE from Alicante (Spain)


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