NORM4EVA Is Probably The Least Normal Person!

NORM4EVA Is Probably The Least Normal Person!


Who are you?

I am norm4eva. I prefer my work to speak for me.


What caused you to love art from the beginning as well as what are your early influences?

I believe it goes back to color. Also, my parents were musicians so I have a pretty colorful upbringing. I can remember loving how curtains or even stained glass could reflect colors on the walls. I did not take art in school but my walls at home were covered with chalk drawings and a massive wall collage of eyes I cut out from magazines.

Oddly enough, I discovered Dali, Dore, and DONDI all around the same time while working in a discount book store. My son was a baby and I was able to sit at home with him and draw a lot. I wanted my style to be surreal, detailed, curvy and colorful like the masters I had discovered. All of my works turned out looking like some trippy collage of graffiti style characters with lots of tiny details.

Do you have any projects that stand out in particular?

I love the recent wall piece at Paint Louis 2016. It is a favorite because of the scale and time frame it took to complete it. Simply put, it was an extreme challenge on all levels. This was the first event that I had my full team in effect and it was successful!

I also inked a motorcycle with sharpie markers a few years back…SUZI Q is definitely a love of mine.

Ever struggled with motivation/artist block? What serves as a constant motivation?

I took a break painting on a large scale and it made me miserable. I realized creation is my life and I have to try to make it work at any cost. Nowadays I keep so many different projects going when I am blocked on one I move to another and it usually helps me work back into the project I was having trouble with. My son Blaise is also always my constant motivation.

How do you create and also where are you going in the future?

I create constantly. Every room in our home is a different work space. We are trying to build an environment where others feel productive and inspired to make the best work of their lives. After meeting my other Andy and developing our abstract style this last year, we have now built a good team with the ability to create larger and more stimulating pieces for the public to enjoy.