Shipping costs: these differ depending on the weight and the destination, Netherlands is up to 500 grams 2,70, if its 0.5-10 kg package is 6,75 and 10-20 kg is 13,00 and up if your living in Europe the price goes from 0-0.5kg 6,75 eu. 0.5-10kg 13,00 eu. 10-20kg 25 eu. if you’re ordering from outside of Europe price goes from 0-2kg 18.50 eu. 2-5kg 24,40 eu. 5-20kg 34,30 eu.

Shipping price will be determined by your location and will be processed at your check out.

Wrong Address? If you found out in the confirmation mail that you placed the wrong address, please contact us as soon as possible so we can change the destination for your package. WARNING! If you already received the shipment e-mail this means you’re package has already been sent for shipment and that we can’t change the destination any more. If you are lucky and the package has been sent back we will send the package to the right address.