Behind the brand: acia studio

Behind the brand: acia studio


Streetwear was borne as a medium of self-expression in what was a uniform world. It began as a creative outlet for the fashion outcasts; those who were inspired by skateboards, not Chanel, and spent their time hanging at skate parks rather than premiers. Original designs were sold amongst friends with limited cuts and designs making each piece a work of art.

Today, in a world where social media drives our daily lives, streetwear is now firmly in the main stream. With so many streetwear brands emerging from all corners of the globe, it can be hard to cut through the noise.

In this miniature interview series we’ve curated the very best emerging streetwear brands coming out of the UK and chatted with their founders to get the inside scoop on the brand.



Acia (ah-see-ah) is Latin for thread and the brand lives up to its name. Unlike most clothing brands Acia is all cut and sew. All clothing at Acia is unisex, a move that reinforces the brand values of championing individuality and self expression.

Acia is inspired by the culture that emerges from fashion, music, art, raves, festivals, lifestyle, design.

We caught up with UK-based Suril founded the brand with the belief that individuality should be championed over all.


OM: What motivated you to start Acia Studio?

Acia: I’ve always been interested in fashion and wanted to work in a creative industry. When my personal interest in streetwear started to decline, I wanted to do something to bring back the original culture that made me love streetwear; but I wanted the clothes to evolve.


OM: What makes Acia Studio stand out from the other streetwear brands out there right now?

Acia: Firstly I don’t class it as streetwear which in itself makes it different. There’s a greater focus on materials and cut and sew than there usually would be from a streetwear brand. Also Acia is a unisex brand as I think there’s too much focus on labels and labelling people in society. I’m aiming to hit that middle market between street and high-end with a sporty feel and comfort.


OM: What places/people/music inspires you?

Acia: I’m definitely inspired by where I live, London. You get so many different types of people, cultures and style. I like seeing them merge and overlap as it can create some really unique concepts.

Paris is another city which I’m inspired by. Mainly the architecture and colours but also the culture and history of the city, especially in terms of fashion.

Music plays a big part in the brand, especially the underground elements. The culture around grime, hip-hop and house are the real driving forces and the clothing relates to these scenes. When designing I always think what type of event or rave somebody would wear it to and the people associated with that place or type of party. I like the way these cultures used to evolve and grow over time but now it’s like it’s on fast forward with the Internet.

OM: Can you sum up Acia in one sentence? 

Acia: Non-conformity

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Words by Alice Austin