Behind the brand: KUKI London

Behind the brand: KUKI London

With so many streetwear brands emerging from all corners of the globe, it can be hard to cut through the noise. Originally streetwear was created as a form of self-expression to represent the culture of street sports like skateboarding and BMX. Now, however, there is no denying that streetwear is firmly in the mainstream, and the UK is where it’s all happening.

In this miniature interview series we’ve curated the very best emerging streetwear brands coming out of the corners of the UK and chatted with their founders to get the inside scoop on the brand.



KUKI London is a skate lifestyle and apparel brand. Founded by Nico Constantinou, the brand seamlessly weaves together Japanese and British skate culture to define the aesthetic of the brand. The driving force behind the brand is that of free spirit, Japanese design and wester aesthetic.

Founder and Creative Director Nico Constantinou is the spearhead of Kuki and is from Enfield in North London.


Ohana Magazine: What motivated you to start Kuki London?

Nico: It started as a creative outlet and began as simple doodles, then with a bit of refinement came together in a product format. I wanted to create something fresh, unique and based around my interests.

OM: What makes Kuki London stand out from the other streetwear brands out there right now?

Nico: I think it has something to do with our large ability to collaborate with different types of people, being relatable and helps people to express themselves in a unique and quirky way.  We are one of the only streetwear brands who don’t play by the rules, and who break the norm.

OM: What places/people/music inspires you?

Nico: London is a massive contributor to my influences.  The people are down to earth, gritty, real and true. Music scene is a key inspiration from uk grime and american hip-hop, the brand is lovely based around that culture.

OM: Can you sum up Kuki London in one sentence?

Nico: We break the norm and challenge society.



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Words by Alice Austin