While Eindhoven is a bubbly city filled with students from all over the world with all kinds of interests and preferences, there weren’t always too many parties who filled their nights with R&B, hip-hop and dancehall vibes. Luckily the crew from ‘Vieze Vrienden’ decided to organize events which give you just that. This time they organized a weekender which was on the 31st of March and the 1st of April. Tickets started at just €4,- so it was affordable, even for those whose phone bills where a little bit too high last month.

‘Vieze Vrienden’ booked the rap-group ‘Anbu’ for the second day of the weekender. They are from Venlo, which is a town in the south of The Netherlands. ‘Jiri11’, one of the guys from ‘Anbu’ has a long history in music as he attended the conservatory from the age of eight. He produces the unique beats for their songs and tops them with lyrics together with ‘Mennoboomin’. Their career is going fast so much more is expected to come from these guys in the future.

The event doesn’t have a main venue so this time it took place in ‘De Bron’ which is a club located at a busy street where most of Eindhoven’s nightlife takes place. The building has had many different names and concepts, but ‘De Bron’ has established itself here since around Christmas 2016.

After you entered the building, you walked past quite a long fence which is covered in black plastic. This immediately gave off an industrial, grimy vibe. When you walked along you came into an area where you could either walk straight ahead into the stage and dancing area or walk up the stairs to find the bathrooms. The stage and dancing area was not too big, but just big enough to fit the crowd. There was a high platform which was equipped for the DJ’s, which the artists could reach by stairs and in front of it there was a small, low platform for performances.

The DJ’s were warming up the crowd while it got busier and busier. At around 01:00, the room was filled with people and the atmosphere began to rise. The great beats that the DJ’s were playing during the night caused the fact that nobody could stand still. But the crowd only really lost it when ‘Anbu’ got on stage.

When it was time for ‘Anbu’ to get on stage, the people in the crowd got closer to it. It was clear that many people looked forward to seeing ‘Anbu’ perform live because of the shouting and sudden lack of dancing in the room. It seemed like the state of mind totally changed when the first lyrics were spit. The crowd began to release a lot more energy than before as they were jumping while screaming the words of the songs. They performed on a high level, their vibe was strong and their communication was on point which resulted in a fluent outcome. It was remarkable how down to earth these guys seemed to be and how well they interacted with the crowd. There wasn’t a high feeling of admiration noticeable in the crowd but rather a constant flow between the crowd and the guys of ‘Anbu’. This resulted in an extremely pleasant, energetic and positive atmosphere.

After the performance was done, the DJ’s made sure that the party wasn’t over. The energy remained visible as people were dancing, alone and with each other, as if this was the last party they’d ever visit. While the night got closer to the ending, the room became emptier until the last enthusiasts were sent home.

Article written by Jorinde Maré

Photography by © DickPics || Dick Rennings