Boomtown returns again!

Boomtown returns again!

After a 2 year hiatus due to Covid, Ohana’s favourite festival is back – and starting again at chapter 1 with a whole new approach to the design, creativity and world that will be created for 5 days in August on the Matterly Estate, Winchester.


Interestingly Boomtown is not releasing the line-up – a move taken by other successful festivals – which we agree is often the best way to break down peoples conception of an event before they go, allowing maximum creative impact from the extensive production that will be on show in a mind-blowing temporary world.


Expect a multitude of magical sets, rat runs through streets into micro venues and around every corner you will be in a different reality, Boomtown’s best will be on show in 2022!


Final Ticket Resale Goes live Wednesday 9th March at 7pm!


Anyone who is interested in purchasing a ticket must register via this link to receive all the relevant further information.