Sound system culture comes from the heart, Bless all the wonderful souls that made Outlook Festival 2016 a year to remember

Knowledge Arena Highlights, Croatia 2016 door KnowledgeArena  ***NOTE DISABLE ADD BLOCKER**

The Knowledge Arena was a popular day-time venue with DJs, MCs, and sound-system builders all performing talks and giving demonstrations throughout the festival. Crash courses in Ableton were on offer. We joined the crowd at the Knowledge Arena with Congo Natty & Roni size

The Clearing, is the largest arena with grassy area fronted by a mammoth triangular frame hanging above a cliff. It acted as the gateway to the fort, and a congregation point for people moving around the site. On Friday night Noisia performed his fully immersive ‘Outer Edges’ record to a post-midnight crowd. London’s Hospital Records curated Saturday night’s line-up, delivering a mix of smooth, multi-textured drum and brass, as well as more ethereal material. It came as a welcome, less aggressive turn to the proceeding night, which was guided by veterans like Kano and packs of meaty, adrenaline-fueled 20-somethings with their shirt’s off.

  Mungo’s Arena was unassuming but brimming with attitude. Once walking over a drawbridge, suspended above a moat, you pass under the arena’s towering, stone-built entrance. Situated in the small arena was Glaswegian dub outfit Mungo’s HiFi, again giving dub and reggae fanatics a place to find solace in. In our eyes the best hang out spot! On Friday evening we met up with some guys from Radar Radio and had a blast with the Hyperdub trio Ikonika, Scratcha and Kode9. Its was banging at Mungo’s Me and my buddy where jumpig like Mexicans beans.


Saterday 3rd September,

My throat and ankle where killing me. As my mate woke me up with a bag of ice on my ankle I jumped out of my skin feeling the worst. Same pain that I felt when I actually broke ankle and to top it all of the festival was a fucking dust warzone.  But the day was to be promising as we were joining Youngsta, Truth and Seven on their Boat Party. Because the Boat party was one of the last ones for Saterday we decided to hang out on the beach and drink some beers and cocktails. After spending a nice afternoon with all the new wonderful people we met. It was time for us to head off.

The “Contact” Boat Party was packed. And I had difficulties getting from A to B with my ankle, so I decided to kick back and enjoy the show, drank a few beers and looked at the crowd that went mental!! I also got the chance to have small talk with Youngsta and Seven, We talked about how they have experienced this years festival and what is like to play some many sets on one day. “Seven” was really happy about everything and just enjoying the moment with his mates. After the boat party it seemed like the timetable was mixed up, which was a shame because we missed a lot of good artists


Overall Outlook festival 2016 was amazing and the organization gets mad respect from me. I want to thank all the beautiful people for and amazing Festival. One love to everyone who joined us for the 9th edition of Outlook Festival, what a year it’s been… Keep an eye on our channels for photo and video highlights from the festival.



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