Another View brings together five authors whose work stands on the borders between design, painting, illustration or urban art. The sample raises questions about the boundaries between disciplines and if those limits are simply classifying clichés. Also asking if the insistence on delimiting the nature of the works makes sense at a time when many of the creators move from one discipline to another, returning and later abandoning it again exploring new challenges, either for personal, professional or a mix of both motivations. Not being forced or unreflective excursions, nor traumatic changes from modifications of the scenes where these creators enter. They respond to the search for new forms of expression leaving a trail of interested viewers and in exchange gaining new ones.

These trips carry a suitcase full of references that increases its weight depending on the length of the creator’s stopover in each parallel discipline. A transition that has its inner reflection in the internal process of the construction of a creative identity. A path of experimentation, trial and error to get to a recognizable expression that is all the while in constant mutation.

Perhaps these classifications continue because they make the work of the creator more understandable for the profane spectators who approach the works. We may need these guides to know which shelf to quickly find their work in a society marked by the lack of time for reflection, which decides with immediacy what’s of interest and what is discarded.

The exhibition creates a choral vision of the relationship between design, art and adjoining disciplines. A detailed option to better understand the creative mechanisms common to different artistic expressions. This tour allows the visitor to compose a panorama of the current moment of creatives in constant change. Creators whose work, a melting pot of references, located in a particular Calexico.

Paco Ballester

20:00 – 22:00h.

16 JUNE – 21 JULY
Monday to Friday
17:00 – 21:00h.

Calle Denia 45, 40006.
Valencia, Spain