The Art Of Curating Culture: Welcome To Ohana

For the past couple of years Ohana has been growing as creative platform. As we move forward new captures open up. For the last 4 months we have been working hard to re-introduce ourselves. We would like to officially introduce you to what we’ve been cooking up. Welcome to Ohana, the renewed media platform that redefines the way culture is being covered. You may have heard of us form our previous platform, however we’ve decided to reshape ourselves with a whole new look and feel, and more importantly have opened ourselves up for much more than just the core of street culture.  We’ll now be covering more contemporary and avant-garde content, as well as produce much more unique stories and features that you’ll see exclusively on our website. Ohana will live as an independent magazine/brand through our website As well as a printed magazine.
We’ll be introducing new elements such as our
Creative agency where we’ll be working on our own projects
as a legit company that also delivers creative service to our clients.
The decision for the reshaping came after three years of reporting on the niche realms of street art, music, festivals.  Now with a totally new climate for all facets of street and contemporary culture, a new approach of editorial and media out put is needed. Ohana is set out to do that, To remain flexible in how we represent the creative scene and all its different mediums, while curating the right kind of content. Our aim is not to over flow you with news that doesn’t necessarily help you grow as an independent thinker, but instead choose the right material that will hopefully inspire you in both your creative endeavours and in the right lifestyle choices.
We’re also excited to launch the Ohana Club, a community-based network of creative folk just like yourselves to come and be a part of what we do at Ohana.
We’re also excited to launch our first ever paper magazine, this will contain the re introduction of the team and our plans for the coming year. 
We’re more than excited about whats in store for Ohana and can’t wait to share everything with you. So make sure you check back with us on the regular, follow our social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with @ohanamag, and we hope to see you soon at one of our upcoming events which you’ll hear about shortly. And with that, we thank you for your continued support! If you have any questions, feel free to hit us up at