UPRISE AUDIO – Feonix – The Uncomfortable Silence

UPRISE AUDIO – Feonix – The Uncomfortable Silence

Enlisting his loyal and merciless army of signature sounds in a particularly gritty manner, Feonix brings some of his heaviest hitting works to date with ‘The Uncomfortable Silence‘ EP. Each track charging through with gnawing edges and enough razor-wire weight to please the industrialists hunger for all that is raw, his acutely constructed calls scream with a primal and overwhelming precise intensity.

Easing in through resonant belltones that perfectly complement the harsh percussion leading up to it’s release, ‘Baba’ offers a testament to the beauty of distortion and the abrupt nature of the producer’s work. Finding a balance between choppy groove and inviting melody, this track is a dark lord’s best nightmare.

follows appropriately, in title and in substantial use of textured hits that contrast a bright and ascendant alarm, cascading finally into a punching stomp.

Beefing up the palette, ‘Matter’ churns intoxicatingly warm ghosts cries into an all encapsulating whirl before dropping us into one of the baddest drops we’ve heard from the producer thus far. An unmissable and undeniably potent bassline fixed with pleasant surprises throughout create an addictive and highly repeatable treat for the crate.

‘Taro VIP’ keeps in the theme of madness and blasts the original to a whole new level, guaranteed to melt the dancefloor. Reaching from machine gun beat into oscillating mid bass paradise and grippy hooks, we are thrown off the deep end and willingly flung into a fine frenzy.

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