Interview Takeaki Maruyama aka GOTH-TRAD

Interview Takeaki Maruyama aka GOTH-TRAD

As a one of the originators of the UK dubstep music, Takeaki Maruyama aka GOTH-TRAD created his remarkable career all around the world. His last album “New Epoch” which released from UK dubstep prestige label DEEP MEDi MUSIK in 2012 was highly recommended from a lot of media and journalists. Since some years passed from the big buzzing of the UK dubstep, GOTH-TRAD always pursue unique explosive sounds and he had released incredible innovative music as regularly. In 2014, GOTH-TRAD launched his own label “Back To Chill” and released label compilation album “Mugen”. With celebrating 10th anniversary of his residential party in Tokyo “Back To Chill”, he releases a long-waited full lengths album “PSIONICS”!

For those of us less acquainted, could you tell us who you are, where you from, and your earliest memories of listing to music?

I’m a DJ/Producer from Tokyo, Japan. I was into “Technotronic” when I was 10-11yrs old. Later, I started to listen to Electronic music.

How did you come up with the name “GOTH-TRAD”? And what does it mean to you?

I’ve been making very dark down-tempo Hip-Hop with lots of strings sounds. Then, my friends told me “it sounds like Goth music”. And I’ve checked the historical meaning of “gothic”, which was a sensational culture… So, I chosen the word “Gothic” and “Tradition”… But, it doesn’t mean to me very much now.

How has 2016 been so far for you? And what have you been up to?

Mainly, I was working on my new album. And my night in Tokyo called “Back To Chill” we will have 10 years birthday in September. So I’m working something special for it.


If you had to describe your music in three words, how would you describe it?

Ideal VS Reality

What is your best experience in your music carrier?

Meeting so many people through my music.

What has been the biggest challenge for you so far?

Releasing New Album on my Back To Chill label.


How do you find your samples? And how do you select them?

Recently, I’m using lots of samples from my old recordings which I was doing noise/experimental music more than 10years ago. I use them for Bass, drums and pads etc…

You seem to be aiming for a purist dubstep sound, but at the same time, you have also influenced from grime and techno. What is your thinking behind that?

I really don’t know what is a purist dubstep sound. And I was influenced from so many different music. Grime and techno are parts of it.

I’ve been making music for about 15years. Released 7 albums until 2012. Actually, my 1st&2nd album were Industrial/Noise/Experimental album. 3rd album is rave dance album. 3 albums of my another project “Rebel Familia” sounds like Dub, Jungle, hiphop etc…

So, I’ve been producing many different type of music


If you had to pick out some of your favorites releases from you or anyone in the crew over the years what would you pick out?

ENDON – Just Like Everybody (GOTH-TRAD Remix)

The Remix for Japanese Noisecore band “ENDON” which 12inch vinyl was released with Merzbow Remix on Daymare Recordings last year.

What’s your favorite song that you have produced? And why?

It’s difficult to choose one…
But, my 1st release on DEEP MEDi “Cut End” is one of the most important track. I could meet so many people through the track and it built my name in dubstep scene.

What releases have you got coming out next?

  • My New Album PSIONICS now available to pre-order
  • And New DEEP MEDi 12” will come out this year, maybe?

What about your own label? How is it running a record label in Japan?

I’ve been running my party called “Back To Chill” for 10years. I just started the label in 2014. Mainly, I’m pushing Japanese producers. The scene is not huge in Japan. But we have good followers here. Will move forward this year.

With who do you want to collaborate?

I’ve done one track with Japanese metal band “Boris”. And we will work more music this year. I’m so excited about it.  I want to collaborate with another territory of arts, too.

A couple of years ago they said “Dubstep is dead” Where do you think Dubstep is going in the next couple of years?
I think “Dubstep is dead” means “Dubstep isn’t Trendy”. The words by someone who is just following Trends/Fashion music. Maybe.I also making some different style of music. But I’m still producing dubstep and enjoying it.Dubstep already has more than 10years history. And old/new producers are struggling to make something fresh in 140bpm rule. I can’t expect where is it going. But that’s so excited, isn’t it?

Any big plans for the summer you want to share?

My new album PSIONICS


Photos by: Ryuji Tamaki & Rein Kooyman


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