Badman Studios – Leaf / DJ Madd / Bukkha – Horns Dub EP

Badman Studios – Leaf / DJ Madd / Bukkha – Horns Dub EP

TRACKLIST- Release-date: 5th of December 2017 
A1. Leaf – Horns Dub
A2. Leaf – Horns Dub (DJ Madd remix)
B1. Leaf – Hide Dub
B2. Leaf – Hive Dub (Bukkha remix)

Third time’s the charm – San Francisco based Badman Studios is setting up another high pressure yield. Wielding the detonator, label owner and operator Leaf has joined forces with two prominent heavyweight contenders – imbued with a clear-cut take on the beloved virtues of state-of-the-art Dub(step) – setting the fuse on two original tracks. The venerated force of Roots & Future boss DJ Madd as well as Dub-Stuy / ZamZam / Moonshine Recordings signee Bukkha imprinted their sheer ability to light up skanking crowds on two earth-shattering remixes.

Heading off into agitation, ‘Horn Dub’ starts off with a brass-fuelled sense of anticipation, resolving in a ponderous sub offense and up-front drum instrumentation. Preserving the flow with the odd break and dubwise arrangement, swerving apace with the sonorous bassline. Minimal sound design in a full-force approach – as is the case with DJ Madd’s immaculate version business, intensifying the underlying rhythmic framework as well as injecting his own melodic signature. Roots-inclined Dubstep, as keen listeners all over have come to love, firing up even more so in the second main part – twirling delays included.

Flowing smooth like sine waves, the tranquil chord stabs of ‘Hive Dub’ reverberate around a more laid-back yet equally heavy rhythm, submersed in a low frequency tincture alongside emotive brass stabs, echoing away. Eclipsing the show with a quality vocalist interlude, toasting Reggae chants before we’re thrown back into the massive groove. Closing off ‘BDMN003’, Bukkha serves his excellent remix skills in a true sound system fashion – augmenting Leaf’s original with a skilful approach to the desired Dub characteristics, we all love in a proper version. Authentic, modern roots in a nutshell – the EP stands tall, ready to fire up any sound system that dares to select it in a dance.

DJ Madddddd!

Toddla T, BBC Radio 1

Big riddims!

Cotti, Sumting New

DJ Madd remix and Hive Dub. Nice!

Squarewave, New World Audio


Leaf / DJ Madd / Bukkha / Badman Studios

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