SUBCLEF004 – Cid Poitier – Earth Cry EP – 12” Limited Run Lathe Cut Vinyl & Digital

SUBCLEF004 – Cid Poitier – Earth Cry EP – 12” Limited Run Lathe Cut Vinyl & Digital

Sub:Clef is an experimental bass record label which explores the blurred genre boundaries of Early Dubstep, Neo Soul, Electronica and Dub, born in the cultural melting pot of South London.

Founded and curated by Chris James who produces under the alias Cid Poitier, the label is an incubator for bringing forth and challenging concepts of UK Sound System Music. Whether it’s a vocally hypnotic & atmospheric track, or a stripped back tribal number, the overarching ethos of the label is detail and intricacy at the lower end of the frequency spectrum while shying away from popular genre specific trends. Groove, Bass and Soul are at the roots of what we are ALL about.

The Earth Cry EP is a body of work which draws influence from nature bringing the listener into a world of blurred genre lines once again with trademark low end pressure. Cid Poitier coins the term “Sub:Electronica” to define the opening track Arrival; a delicate and progressive harp-lead journey into the exploration of sub bass frequencies resonating as low as 27hz, drawing on the sound palette of electronica, techno and drone based genres. Title track “Earth Cry” brings an emotive tone to this record built on a foundation of dub, dubstep and orchestral undertones. Experiments into creative uses of distortion provide a juxtaposed edge to the smoother elements of this track. Amygdala is the deep and haunting cello led symphony of this record, and is influenced by the region of the brain responsible for the formation and storage of emotional events that we experience in our lives. The EP is concluded by Empathy 101 which brings an electronic, musical post-grime sound – layered with weighty bass to deliver a sense of digital compassion wrapped in analogue love.

Format: 12” Limited Run Lathe Cut Vinyl & Digital
Release Date: 5th June 2019

1. Arrival
2. Earth Cry
3. Amygdala
4. Empathy 101


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