Synkro Presents Collection Early Works “Memories (2008-2011)”

Synkro Presents Collection Early Works “Memories (2008-2011)”

Memories (2008-2011) charts the producer’s formative early days.
Back in 2015, Joe McBride, AKA Synkro, released his highly anticipated debut album, Changes, to much fanfare. Now, he’s decided to take a trip down memory lane with his fans, to look at his journey to this point.

Including tracks originally released on Box Clever, Med School, Exit Records and more, it’s a testament to McBride’s ability as an artist that his early works sound as modern and unique as they ever did. There is a consistency across the compilation that is not usually present in similar retrospectives, and proof that whatever the next phase of his career entails, it is certain to be cinematic, melancholy, and exceptional.


01 Just To See Her
02 Everybody Knows
03 Lost For Words
04 If Only
05 Inhale ft. Faib
06 Heres Your
07 Look At Yourself
08 Girl
09 Presence
10 Memory
11 Closed Doors
12 Departure
13 Letting Go
14 In Transit
15 Open Arms
16 Summer Blues
17 Progression


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