Who Dubz? What Dubz? They Dub…But His Name Is “WuDub!?”

Who Dubz? What Dubz? They Dub…But His Name Is “WuDub!?”

This feels a little like Abbott and Costello’s, “Who’s on first?” Who dubs? He dubs, Wudub!? Why do you dub? Tell us something about yourself!

First of all, what up? This is Wudub!? The name Wudub!? obviously comes from “What’s up?”

To emphasize it more fundamentally, it is mostly about interaction, besides that, the exclamation and question mark in the name puts the whole thing more into perspective when you think about it again.

My music is in this way both a statement and as an incentive towards the audience to question and think about the meaning of all kinds of topics, at the same time keeping a positive perspective.

So why do I dub? I spent most of my childhood in my dad’s studio constantly surrounded by a warm glow of enchanting sounds. Perhaps piano lessons further triggered my musical interest that have stayed with me ever since.

As a moth drawn to light, there was a natural process of looping my father ‘s precious compositions myself and of course adding a personal touch here and there, though sometimes accidentally deleting his music while I familiarized my way around there. Needless to mention, he clearly wasn’t too happy about his missing loops.

At the age of 14, I got into rap music and started to develop hip-hop beats. But it wasn’t limited to hip-hop, collecting many genres and styles of music (ethnic music, soul, jazz) was necessary to borrow for samples to enrichen my sound.

As time passed by I evolved to making Dubstep, Dub and Steppers.

I first came across this track. This one connected you and I so why have you chosen for the dark side on this one? Also, Can you break a dub down into just exactly what the basics of your genre is?

The basics of the genre is the interaction of timeless organic rootsy tunes with electronical ones, paying homage to our musical ancestors, linking past to future.

After all, without darkness, how could there be light in the first place?

I’m in love with the void right in between the kick and the snare, cause space is the place to be! It is an endless source of inspiration, an intrepid leap into the unknown.

Absence of sound makes it easier to hear the music curiously stored inside myself, as if it has always been there, and happy that it has found a way to escape and venture out into this world.

On occasions I find myself tired and weary, and I find my mind drifting and floating in the vast twilight zone when at last, the rhythm of the world seems to halt for a second, I suddenly get overwhelmed by ideas and melodies, pleasantly popping up beneath my skull.

In other words, it is physically impossible for me to ignore these lucid impulses, upon which I hurry to my studio for a nocturnal recording session.

For me, if we traced these drums back in time, we might find the very foundation of all beats. What does music personally mean to you?

Music is pure emotion, THE way to express myself, and it represents essential feelings that words haven’t been able to describe since the beginning of time within the entire animal kingdom we inhabit. Never to be put simply, this is an intuitive yet hidden world full of treasure.

Unfortunately, you are not generally praised as much as I would like you to be, so to be more familiar with you, what are some things that you have accomplished worth checking out and what are you working on now?

Well, what I’ve apparently been working on is a double surprise in my girlfriend’s tummy..

Apart from that, I’ m proud of my role as a DJ who ultimately regards vinyl as most high-pitched, which is also the reason I am extremely happy with the 3 vinyl releases (Souljah EP, Disorder EP and Babylon EP), and myself being signed on Ledebronx Recordings.

As for the future, you can expect a remix of Radikal Guru, forthcoming on Moonshine recordings, and at the moment I’ m working on new tracks, joining forces with Jah Bami, Micah Shemaiah, and other spicy stuff, at this point not ready for disclosure…

For this whole dub, instrumental, reggae side of everything, it is much more positive than all main-stream nonsense. So does this music and positive lyrics play a spiritual aspect in your life?

Honestly, every sound I’ve heard in my life has a very unique vibration, sensation, and even color. The real deal lies in transforming these to a degree that never ceases to amaze myself or others. Perhaps the greatest benefit is that by doing the thing you love, you can reach, and please others.

Easy question, not sure about the answer. Difficulties with productions?

In my opinion, the true challenge is the constant quest to match the music heared in my head with what I produce. The main aim is to come as close as possible to the original mental phantasm that triggered it by any means necessary.

There’s no room for failure or half-assed shizzle.

If I can’t translate to others my inner sound, I just start all over again. Remember to kill your darlings (If I do not like the track then pull it).

Sequel to the easy question. What are the greatest rewards?

I can tell you, there’s really nothing compared to the kick of witnessing an eager crowd flowing on a vibe you created, plus intended to be that way.

Another satisfaction is that on gigs abroad I continue to meet fellow passionate sound artists that keep me fueled with interesting cross culture ideas.

Although I stopped counting these interviews, only one person in the world has actually raised an important subject in the world and addressed it. Can you? (Example Dubwise Selektah raised awareness from the refugees crossing the Mediterranean and crossing into Europe and their mistreatment).

First of all, I like to work together with MCs and singers who love life and believe in hope and change. In a way, music can be a very individual, yet collective experience at the same time. Therefore I highly appreciate the impact that actions, however local or far away, tend to have on the bigger picture.

In the end, I simply allow the lyricist in my music to do his thing and I make sure he gets the appropriate musical guidance in the process. Basically, that’s what I am all about.



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